Samsung Galaxy A series Vs M series – which is better?

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A series Vs M series

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brands worldwide. It offers dozens of models to cover the needs of most Consumers, budget and performance wise. With this much models in the market, it becomes Confusing for Consumers to make the right Choice on which model and series best Suits them.

Samsung phone models are grouped into different Series; the Note series, S series, Z series, XCover series, A series and M series, with the S series being Samsung’s flagship device.

The Galaxy A Series is the midrange smartphones and tablets described by Samsung as the watered-down version of its flagship Galaxy S series phones. The M Series are Budget Smartphones introduced by Samsung as replacement to its J series.

The question of which is better between the A Series and M series is a matter of perspective. Though many will pick the A series over the galaxy M Series because of its premium finish and features it packs. However, the Choice still boils down to what you want in a phone.

In this article, we will talk about the design, Support and features of the Galaxy A Series and M series.  And also explain when you can Choose one over the other depending on your phone need and budget. At the end of this article, you will know enough about the A Series and M series to make educated decision on which device to choose.

Samsung Galaxy A series

Samsung Galaxy A series Vs M series - which is better?

As stated previously, the A series is a watered-down version of the S series, meaning it does not offer the latest and greatest in performance or features. However, the Awesome series (A series) does Offer You huge batteries, quality Cameras, a RAM of 2GB to 6GB and storage space of 16GB to 128GB.

The Galaxy A series are sold both online and in Stores worldwide. Price wise the A Series sells for $l00 to $650, thereby offering good performance at a good price.

When it Comes to support and updates, Samsung recently announced that it will be providing four years of Android security update for the A51 Series and above.

If you are in Search of a midrange phone that features a big screen and a large battery, the A series might be what you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy M Series

Samsung Galaxy A series Vs M series - which is better?

The Galaxy M Series is a line of budget phones mainly Sold in India and online. The M series is mainly built for people in India, however, People in other Countries can buy them from third-party Sellers such as eBay and Amazon.

The M Series Offers you a battery better than that of the A series, good camera quality, a RAM of 1GB to 8GB, and storage of up to 128GB.

Price wise, the M series Sells for $75 to $370 since it is a budget device made for the Indian market.

Unfortunately, non of the M series has been listed by Samsung to get the four years Android Security update. Therefore, anyone buying the M series should not expect any Security update from Samsung.

If you are looking for a cheap phone with good performance and feature, although not as good as the A Series, then the M Series should be your targeted model.

Samsung Galaxy A Series and M Series Comparison

Even though the M Series is positioned as a budget phone, some higher end models in the M series overlap with Certain models in the A series. Take for instance the M51 with 6.7-inch display, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, and a 7,000mAh battery which has better specs than the A51 with 6.5-inch display, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 4,000mAh battery is sold at $370. $30 Cheaper than the $400 price tag on the A51.

It is therefore okay to say that the primary difference between the Galaxy A and M series is not the RAM, display, internal storage, processor, nor build quality but rather, the Software they run.

The Galaxy A Series focuses more on quality while the M Series Focuses on a few highlighted features. When you thoroughly go through the A Series phones, you will find that the A series has more feature than the M series. The M series has undergone Some Compromises in quality in order to reduce the Sales Cost.

Some of these Compromises include;

Samsung knox

Security Features such as the knox security found on the A series are omitted from the M Series. Therefore, File Security is at it’s maximum on the A Series while the M series are not provided with Samsung knox.


The galaxy A Series also Comes with a personal assistant called “Bixby” pre-installed, while the M Series does not. Bixby helps users to automate certain actions on their Smartphones.

Samsung Pay

Samsung pay is another great feature that allows you to add your e-wallets, Credit and debit Cards in one place which is only accessible on the A series.

Edge panel and Edge lighting

Another Missing feature from the Galaxy M Series is the Edge panel and Edge lighting Feature. The Edge panel provides access to your favourite applications and you can also pin your favourite Contacts. It also has panels such as clipboard, reminder, compass, weather and so on. While Edge lighting is a notification feature that offers an animated type of notification on your phone.

Ul optimization

when it comes to optimization, the A series has a better Samsung One UI integration than the M series.

User base

The A series are accepted globally while the M series are made specifically for people in India and Some regions. This means to use such device in the united states, You will have to unlock the phone to accept all networks in your region.


Summary of the comparison between A series and M series

The table below summarizes how the A Series compares to the M Series.

A SeriesM Series
Targeted RegionsWorldwideIndia
Market SegmentMidrangeBudget
CompetitorsOppo, Vivo, XiaomiiPhone SE, Pixel 3a
Price Range$150 – $650$75 – $370
Performances Relative to PricesGoodExceptional
Designs & MaterialsVery NiceOK
US Network SupportSupport all US networksSome US networks not supported, e.g. AT&T LTE
Android Update SupportFour years of Android updates supported for higher end modelsNo
Ready For Use in the US?YesNeed to be unlocked first

When to Choose the A Series

Choose the A Series if you:

  • Want a phone that offers good value at a decent price.
  • Want four years of Android security updates from Samsung.
  • Value convenience – you do not want to deal with region lock or the struggle of unlocking your phone.
  • Want to make sure your mobile network is supported by the phone you buy – If you live outside of India.

When to Choose the M Series

Choose the M Series if you:

  • Want a phone that offers exceptional value at an exceptional price – you want the absolute highest performance at the lowest price.
  • Are ok not getting Android security updates from Samsung.
  • Do not expect to have any problem with the M Series’ region lock and network support.

Final verdict

Taking a good look at the M and A series, the big difference Can be seen in the Software they run and their body finish. That been Said, both devices are designed to target Specific Markets, which means the final decision lies in your hands. Your Choice of a model to buy is dependant on which market group you fall under based on your budget and phone needs.

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