Leaked Details Of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 battery Capacity

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Galaxy Z Flip 3

Rumours reaching us reveal that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 which is due to launch this year is going through some regulatory agencies in Asia. This rumour has also informated us about the battery capacity of the Galaxy Z flip.

Based on the info provided by SamMobile, which they got from a peak at one of the phone’s paperwork, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will come with two batteries. One of which is larger and the other smaller.

The main battery which is the larger battery is estimated to have a battery capacity of 2,370mAh. While the smaller battery will have a battery capacity of 903 mAh. This means the Clamshell phone will pack a total battey capacity of approximately 3,300mAh.

The design might be such that the bigger battery will be put at the bottom of the phone. Which leaves the smaller cell for the top half that folds in.

This new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 battery capacity is the same as that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Samsung unveiled in February 2020. Though the Galaxy 2 flip 3 battery life would be better if Samsung were to work on an optimization process for the battery to boost it’s duration.

Aside the battery capacity of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, SamMobile never any info about other specifications from the documentation. Same as all leaks, the information provided by SamMobile has neither been Confirmed nor denied official.


Will the Galaxy z flip 3 battery Last a day?

The 3,300mAh battery inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip powers both the main 6.7-inch display and the smaller rear 1.1-inch. This is not enough to carry the phone for more than a day.

Rumour has it that the outer display could get a size boost of  3 inches from corner to corner. We just have to patiently keep our fingers crossed to see if this is true. However, this would put extra pressure on the battery of the z flip. An increased Screen size puts the battery at a disadvantage unless an optimization is done to minimise battery drain.

There is every possibility that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be launched this year, given that the original Galaxy Z Flip was launched in February 2020 and also due to the Surfacing of these regulatory filings.

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