Samsung Rollable Phone Design In Newly Discovered Patent

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Samsung rollable phone

It seems like the next big thing in the phone industry is rollable phones. This is the direction in which many mobile companies are heading. 

This is expected seeing that the rollable is a step-up from the foldable phone which Samsung seems to be at the forefront. Although, when it comes to rollable phones, Oppo is at the top with its Oppo X 2021 device. The Oppo X 2021 is the first rollable we have gotten a hands-on video of so far. 

LG is also working on their own foldable phone. But so far, only a concept design has been shown to the public. 

These are not the only companies chasing this idea. A recent report indicates that Samsung is also heading towards this direction. Though not much has been said about a Samsung rollable aside speculations, a new patent has emerged proving that Samsung has been considering the idea. 

The patent which was filed in March 2020 as discovered by LetsGoDigital. This suggests that Samsung has been invested in the rollables right from time but never officially announced its interest in developing a rollable phone. 

Samsung’s pursuit of a rollable phone makes sense, considering that this should be the next logical step forward from foldables. 

When it comes to foldable phones, Samsung has gone further than any other company. To the extent that they are thinking of replacing the Galaxy Note series with the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Rollables solve the problems faced with foldables. These problems being their unreliable hinges and screens that tend to crease. 

While there will no doubt be issues with rollables, the rolling screen mechanisms should, in theory, prevent any prominent creasing at any individual point.


Samsung Rollable Phone Design Concept

Samsung Rollable Phone Design In Newly Discovered Patent

The discovered patent shows a regular sized 6-inch smartphone that extends into an 8-inch tablet. Unlike other rollable design concept, Samsung’s rollable is a “dual-slide smartphone” with flexible material at the front and back of the phone’s body. 

The front panel features the usual extending flexible display on rollable phones like LG and Oppo. But the back is quite different. The patent mentions the possibility of a second flexible display or the inclusion of other flexible materials like metal film, fabric, or leather at the back of the phone. 

Patents are no guarantee as to whether this concept will become a reality. If it is, there is no telling when the rollable will be released to the market. However, this device will not be arriving anytime soon, seeing as how rollables are in their initial stages. 

If any company is to succeed in getting the rollable phone right, then my money is on Samsung, since they outperformed other companies in the production of foldable phones. 

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