AstroTechz use a variety of technologies to learn more about how people use our Site. You can find out more about these technologies and how to control them in the information below. This policy forms part our Privacy Policy.

Cookies And Other Tracking Technologies, And How We Use Them 

Like most companies, we use Cookies and other Tracking Technologies on our Site (collectively “Cookies”, unless otherwise stated) including HTTP cookies, HTML5 and Flash local storage, web beacons/GIFs, embedded scripts and e-tags/cache browsers as defined below. 

We use Cookies for a variety of purposes and to enhance your online experience, for example, by remembering your log-in status and viewing preferences from a previous use of an online service, for when you later return to that online service. 

In particular, our Site uses the following categories of Cookies as described in our Privacy Policy

Cookies and Local Storage 

Type of cookie Purpose 
Analytics and Performance Cookies These cookies are used to collect statistics about site visitors to our services and how customers use our services. The information amassed does not identify any individual visitor.  The information is aggregated and therefore anonymous. It consists of the variety of site visitors to our service, the websites that referred them, the pages that they visited, what time of day they visited, whether or not they have visited our website before, and different comparable records. We use these statistics to help offer our services more effectively, to acquire huge demographic records and to monitor the level of activity on our website. We use Google analytics for this cause. Google analytics uses its personal cookies. It’s only used to enhance how our services works. You could discover more on Google analytics cookies right here. You can discover more about how google protects your data here. You can prevent the usage of google analytics referring to your use of our services by means of downloading and installing the browser plugin available right here
Service Cookies These cookies are important to provide you with services available via our services and to allow you to use its features. As an example, they let you log in to comfortable areas of our services and help the content of the pages you request load fast. Without those cookies, the services which you have requested for cannot be provided, and we only make use of these cookies to provide you with those services. 
Social Media Cookies These cookies are used when you share information using a social media sharing button or “like” button on our service or you link your account or interact with our content on or via a social networking internet site which include Facebook, twitter or google+. The social community will record that you have performed this and accumulate statistics from you which can be your private data. If you are an EU citizen, we best use those cookies together with your affirmative consent. 
Targeted and advertising cookies These cookies track your surfing habits to enable us to show advertising that is more likely to be of interest to you. These cookies use data about your web surfing records to group you with other customers who have comparable interest. Primarily based on that information, and with our permission, third-party advertisers can region cookies to enable them to reveal advertisements which we think can be relevant for you even as you are on third-party websites. These cookies additionally save your location, together with your latitude, longitude, and geoip region identity, which allows us to show you locale-precise information and lets in our services to operate greater correctly. If you are an EU citizen, we use these cookies with your affirmative consent. 

Your use of our website indicates your consent to such use of cookies, except otherwise specified.  Cookies used for analytics and performance, and service cookies are considered strictly vital, or crucial, and are collected from all users based totally on our legitimate interest and for business use, inclusive of bot detection, protection and providing the content. Cookies that are not strictly vital, or non-vital, are gathered primarily based on your consent, which can be given or withheld via different means depending on where you live. For further statistics about our use of cookies and your opt-out choices, see your cookie choices and how to opt-out. See right here for examples of every kind of cookie used on our website online. 

Use Of Cookies And Tracking Technologies By Our Advertising Partners 

Various advertising networks and content providers delivering ads on our site makes use of cookies to distinguish your web browser and keep track of information related to serving ads on your browser. This includes the types of ads shown and the webpages they appeared on. 

Most of the information collected from our site are combined with others collected through your browser’s activities across their network of websites. These companies collect and use this information under their own privacy policies. 

These companies, their privacy policies and the opt-outs they offer can be found in the table below

You can also opt-out of additional third-party advertising networks by going to the Network Advertising Initiative’s Website, the Digital Advertising Alliance AdChoices Website, or the European DAA Website (for the EU/UK), the AppChoices Website (for mobile app opt-out) and following the directions there. 

You exercise the right to accept or reject the use of cookies and have taken the time to explain how this can be done below. 

Most browsers are preset to accept HTTP cookies. The “help” feature of the menu bar on most browsers will instruct you on how to stop accepting new cookies, receive notification of new cookies, and disable existing cookies. For more information about HTTP cookies and how to disable them, you can consult the information at

Controlling the HTML5 local storage on your browser depends on which browser you use. For more information regarding your specific browser, please consult the browser’s website (often in the “Help” section). 


  • If your mobile device is used to access sites, controlling tracking technology through settings may not be available. 
  • Without HTTP cookies and HTML5 and Flash local storage our site may not function properly on your device. 
  • Rejecting Cookies does not mean that you will no longer see ads when you visit our Site. 
  • We make use of outgoing links to other websites based on important publications, affiliates and advertisers. Review their privacy and cookie policies to determine what information they collect from you. 

Cookies And Tracking Technologies Used On AstroTechz website 

The table below provides details of affiliates, advertisers and cookies we may use and why we use them. 

We are not responsible for third-party sites and their privacy practices relating to opt-outs from tracking activities. 

Cookies and Tracking Technologies 

Party Service For More Information Use of Tracking Technologies Privacy Choices 
Ads Inserter Customer interaction Yes 
AliExpress Affiliates  Earn high commission from top aliexpress online affiliate marketing programs platform 2017 Yes Privacy Policy (App) ( 
Amazon Associates Affiliates Yes 
Banggood Affiliates Yes Help: Privacy Policy 
Best Buy Affiliates Best Buy Affiliate Program – Best Buy Yes Privacy Policy Hub – Best Buy 
Bing Advertising Yes n/a 
Facebook Connect Social networking Yes 
Facebook Custom Audience Social networking Yes 
Google AdSense Advertising Yes 
Google AdWords Conversion Advertising Yes 
Google Analytics Google Analytics for Display Advertisers, Ads Preferences Manager, and Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on… Yes 
Google Publisher Tags Advertising Yes 
Google Tag Manager Tag definition and management Yes 
Jetpack Security, performance, and marketing tools Jetpack: WordPress Security, Backups, Speed, & Growth Yes Jetpack Privacy Center 
Jumia Affiliate n/a Yes Privacy Policy Jumia 
Konga Affiliate Konga Affiliate Program ( Yes Konga Online Shopping 
One Signal Advertising #1 Push Service | Send Mobile & Web Push Notifications,… – OneSignal Yes Privacy Policy – OneSignal 
Sassy Social Share Customer interaction Sassy Social Share Demo – Heateor Yes
Razer Affiliate Program Policy – RazerStore Affiliate Program – Razer Online Store (United States) Yes Razer – Privacy Policy 

Unless otherwise specified, if you do not opt out, you therefore consent to the use of cookies collection, use, and sharing of your information by us and the third parties listed above, subject to their privacy policies, preferences, and opt-outs available through the links set forth above. 



Cookies are text files with small pieces of data — like a username and password — that are used to identify your computer as you use a computer network. Specific cookies known as HTTP cookies are used to identify specific users and improve your web browsing experience. 

Web Beacons 

Web beacons are small objects that are embedded, usually invisibly, into a web page. The most common form of web beacon is the 1×1 GIF (not to be confused with the animated GIFs you know from memes). The format is the same, but GIFs are used as beacons because the format is universally recognized on every modern web browser. 

Probabilistic Finger-printing 

Probabilistic tracking depends upon collecting non-personal data regarding device attributes like operating system, device make and model, IP addresses, ad requests and location data, and making statistical inferences to link multiple devices to a single user. 

Embedded Script 

An embedded script is programming code designed to gather information on your internet activities. Activities such as links you click.  

ETag, or Entity Tag 

An optional feature of the HTTP protocol that speeds up requests by ensuring that the data stored in a Web cache are up to date. 

The ETag is an identifier assigned to a data resource in a server, and if that resource is ever updated at the server, the ETag is changed. 

Unique Device Tokens 

For each user that accepts push notifications in mobile apps, the app developer is provided with a unique device token (think of it as an address) from the app platform (e.g., Apple and Google). 

Unique Device ID 

The unique series of numbers and letters assigned to your device.