Galaxy Tab A7 and Tab S7 Lite specs,and release date leaked

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Galaxy Tab A7 and Tab S7 Lite

WalkingCat strikes with yet another leak, this time about an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and a Galaxy Tab S7 Lite. Despite this being the first time we have heard about Samsung working on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, SamMobile made claims about the Tab S7 Lite earlier. According to SamMobile last month, they believed Samsung is currently working on at least three versions of a new S-series Lite tablet. 

Images published by WalkingCat on his tweeter account shows some of the features of the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite and A7 Lite.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite

From the images provided, it is seen that the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite just like the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus will be sporting a 12.4-inch display.  

However, it is believed that the Galaxy S7 Lite will make use of an LTPS TFT panel, same as the Tab S7. We believe the step down is necessary to reduce cost instead of using the Super AMOLED on the Tab S7 Plus. 

The Galaxy Tab S7 Lite will also feature the same resolution as the Tab S7. That is to say, the display will have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600-pixel. This feels good for a Lite model, seeing that the difference from the Tab S7 Plus is not much. 

Additionally, the leak also tells us that the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite will support 5G connectivity. Therefore, if the information provided by SamMobile is accurate, then we expect the 5G models with model numbers SM-T736B and SM-T376N. Models with Wi-Fi only and LTE support will have the model numbers SM-T730 and SM-T735, respectively. 

SamMobile did not give its assurance about these model numbers corresponding to the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite. But they did confirm that the tablet is being worked on according to their sources.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

As mentioned earlier, WalkingCat a renowned leaker also made mention of the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite being in the making. You can immediately tell that the Tab A7 lite is different from the Tab A7 due to the screen size. The device is speculated to sport an 8.7-inch display, 1.7-inch smaller than the 10.4-inch on the Galaxy Tab A7. 

The Tab A7 Lite is designed for use in portrait mode as opposed by the landscape mode with the Galaxy Tab A7. Its camera and logo has also been reoriented for portrait mode. 

Keep in mind that this has not yet been confirmed. Most information on the web is based on the leaks provided by WalkingCat. 

However, the leaks seem to suggest that Samsung plans to launch these devices in June 2021. Although no official announcement has been made by Samsung concerning this topic.

All we need to do is sit patiently and wait, updates will made available as soon as we discover anything new about these upcoming devices. 

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