Samsung Family Hub 2020 Review

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and, as the smart home evolves, companies are looking for ways to connect it. But so far success in the smart kitchen has been spotty..

Above all the kitchen is a practical space, things need to function properly or they’ll be relegated to that cupboard over the oven. For a while there, it looked like a similar fate might befall Samsung’s Family Hub smart refrigerator. When it launched in 2016 the fridge was overpriced and underwhelming – just sticking a tablet on a fridge does not make it smart, naysayers crowed.

But Samsung has been quietly innovating on its flagship smart appliance and, in 2020 the Family Hub has matured into a genuinely useful addition to your kitchen. Essential? Not yet. But it’s a definite upgrade from a non-smart fridge.

This impressive looking piece of kit is certainly a talking point in any home, plus it can manage everything from your groceries and your cooking to your family and your smart home – assuming you’re a faithful Samsung customer (interoperability is a definite sticking point).

So, if you’re in the market for a new fridge, is it worth spending around $700 more (compared to a similar, non-connected fridge) for the Family Hub? Or will you get all the same capabilities from a cheaper stand-alone smart speaker with a screen? Read on for our full review and verdict.

Samsung Family Hub 2020 Review

Samsung Family Hub: Design

The Samsung Family Hub comes in two styles, French Door (three-door or four-door) or Flex (a four-door version of a traditional side-by-side), dozens of configurations, and three color choices – stainless steel, black or the new Tuscan stainless steel.

It features a giant, 21.5-inch Tizen-powered touchscreen tablet built into the door. This is the “Hub” in Family Hub and acts as a digital bulletin board, smart speaker (powered by Bixby), fridge manager, and app-powered tablet.

There are three cameras built into the fridge’s interior that you can view from the touchscreen, or via the mobile app, and it starts at around $3,000, depending on which model, size and configuration you opt for.


  • Total (cu.ft.): 22.2 | Fridge: 12.5 | Flex: 3.1 | Freezer: 6.6
  • Counter Depth Design
  • Family Hub – 21.5 in. Connected Touchscreen
  • FlexZone Drawer
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