Oppo SmartWatch Review

The Oppo Watch is a great example of what manufacturers can achieve with the right efforts in both hardware and software. Even if its look is uninspired, there’s credit due for how well-executed the curved display – and this smartwatch as a whole – is.

If you’re specifically looking for a Wear OS smartwatch, the Oppo Watch is an easy recommendation. If you’re not wedded to the Wear OS platform, it may be a harder sell as you’ve got alternatives from Fitbit or Samsung.

The Wear OS platform as a whole hasn’t changed fundamentally in the last six years, but it has gently improved and Oppo’s first foray into that world has provided a unique look while harnessing the highlights of the software.

The Oppo Watch offers some of the best functionality we’ve seen from a watch running Google’s software. Its fitness features are suitable for all, there’s enough power here to run every app you’ll need and there are a few added extras from Oppo too.

You’ll want to consider its average at best battery life when you’re thinking about buying this, but if you don’t mind recharging your watch each night you’re unlikely to be regularly frustrated.

The design may be uninspired and look remarkably similar to the Apple Watch, but it still looks attractive and if you want a square device with a curved display this will be your only choice on your Android phone.

Oppo SmartWatch Review


  • Model: OPPO Watch 46mmCN version
  • CPU: Snapdragon 2500
  • Storage:  1GB+8GB
  • Operating systemColorOS Watch, Support pairing Android 6.0 and above devices
  • Battery: 430mAh Large Battery+ OPPO VOOC Charge for 15 minutes, enough for one day
  • Watch CaseAluminum alloy
  • Watch Strap: Fluororubber
  • Screen: 1.91” Screen, AMOLED
  • Dimension: 46mm*39mm*11.35mm
  • Others: Support “HeyTap Health” App, Support NFC
  • ​Language: Only Chinese and English 

Performance and software

  • Dual-chipset to alternate between performance and efficiency
  • Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC with 1GB RAM
  • Runs on a deeply customized system based on Wear OS


  • Google Fit brings 90 plus tracking modes
  • HeyTap Health suite offers more exercises
  • Built-in heart-rate monitor

Oppo Watch price and release date

The Oppo Watch was unveiled on March 6, 2020, alongside the Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro at an event hosted by the company in place of its show at Mobile World Congress.

The Oppo Watch is on sale now in India, and it’s set to come out in the UK at some point in October. TechRadar asked Oppo whether the device would be coming to the US, and a spokesperson told us there’s “no plan to make it available in the US at this time”. 

Oppo has yet to say whether the device will be coming to Australia.

The Oppo Watch price is £229 / Rs 14,990 (around $300, AU$420) for the 41mm variant. If you want want the larger 46mm watch, it’ll cost £369 / Rs 19,990 (around $480, AU$670). 

Oppo has also said it plans to release a 46mm LTE-ready version of the watch, but we’ve yet to have pricing confirmation or where it’ll be landing.


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