Fnatic React Gaming Headset Review – The $70 Headset

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Fnatic React Gaming Headset

When it comes to gaming, whether on your PS4, Xbox or PC, sound can be just as important as the video quality. Fortunately, the esports team at Fnatic recognizes the importance of high-quality in-game sound and has released its own headsets, the Fnatic react gaming headset. The headset is good for use in games where communication and concentration are key. The million-dollar question is, how does it perform? We are about to find out in this Fnatic react gaming headset review.

The Fnatic gear react gaming headset is one of the best and affordable headsets in the market today. For an incredibly well performing headset, the Fnatic gear react gaming headset is sold at a surprisingly low price. 

Once the headset is taken out of the box, connecting it is easy. With the use of a 3.5mm input jack available. The Fnatic – react wired stereo gaming headset can be connected to a PC, PS4 or an Xbox one controller. 

Fnatic REACT Gaming Headset Review: Design 

Fnatic React Gaming Headset Review - The $70 Headset

Fnatic – react wired stereo gaming headset has a simple yet premium design. The headset looks and feels great with its all-black design and the Fnatic logo at the sides of the ear cups. The logos are in a contrasting white which adds to the premium look of the headset.  

The Fnatic – react wired stereo gaming headset has a durable frame. The frame is a metal with leatherette (leather like material) coating. This headset has a sleek design and the materials used feels premium and better than using a shiny plastic that gives it a cheap look. 

The inside of the ear cups is nicely designed as well. The headset comes with a soft interior with bright orange colour. This colour contrasts with the exterior colour in a very pleasing way.  

Build Quality 

Considering the build quality of the Fnatic react gaming headset, I can say that it feels solid. Thanks to the perfect combination of metal and the leatherette padding that houses the headsets memory foam it’s hard to imagine the headset ever snapping. 

The fear of snapping while using this headset has been put to rest by the Fnatic team. Continuous stretching of the headset has negligible effect because of the metal frame of the headset. Therefore, snapping may occur but after years of usage. 

The connecting cables are easily flexible and have also been well coated to provide a longer life span. The microphone is also well constructed and well coated with foam to stop outside noise and produce clear sounds while talking with teammates during games. 

When it comes to the build of the Fnatic gear react gaming headset, for their first trial I think they did a wonderful job. I feel an improvement in the future will put them at the top in direct competition with bigger brands. 


The Fnatic gear react gaming headset fits very nicely on the head. The memory foam at the top of the headset makes it suitable and comfortable for long game play time. The headset sits comfortably, meaning you aren’t going to get a pressuring headache while or after playing.

Fnatic React Gaming Headset Review - The $70 Headset

The Fnatic – react wired stereo gaming headset does have a few flaws when it comes to comfort. For example, Fnatic made use of the more normalized 180-degree rotational attachment for a firm two arms holding the earcups in place. This still allows for slight rotating, but not to the great extent you might have been able to with other headsets.  

Fnatic REACT Gaming Headset Review: Performance 

The headset has a genuinely impressive performance. For products produced by a brand for the first time, it is usually expected that to be inferior. However, in this case the Fnatic – react wired stereo gaming headset surpasses my expectations. 
The headset comes with a factory EQ setting which cannot be adjusted. This doesn’t make the headset sound bad. On the contrary, the headset has been designed with one thing in mind, esports. Therefore, sound quality should be the least of your problems. 

Sound Quality 

This gaming headset is good for PS4, PC and Xbox games. It is one of the best gaming headsets with good sound quality. It is also one of the most affordable headsets with good sound quality. 

The in-game audio sounds great on the headset. Fnatic separated the mids and lows from the bass so you can easily hear everything going on around you. 

Sometimes figuring out where sounds are coming from while gaming is a little difficult. This is because Fnatic opted for an analog headset. This means the headset makes use of Fnatic’s precise directional audio engineering rather than a dedicated surround sound option. 

This doesn’t mean the Fnatic gear react gaming headset has a bad audio quality. Thanks to the separated channels for bass, the headset offers a clear audio pallet of in-game sound. 

This means even in the event of a heavy explosion; the sound of gunfire and footsteps won’t be drowned out while playing games like call of duty Modern Warfare. 

Sadly, the lack of surround sound does make it a little difficult at times to pinpoint the exact location of other players. 

However, for a price of $69.99, the Fnatic react gaming headset you get an outstanding performance. 

Not every single esports game is a shooter, and not every game is reliant on directional audio. Therefore, when playing non shooting games you will be treated to a great audio experience. 

The ear cups of the Fnatic – react wired stereo gaming headset are brilliantly constructed to offer noise cancellation during use. 
However, do not expect the same noise cancellation performance outside as you would get within your home. 
It does not matter if you use the headset to game on a PC, PS4, or Xbox, the sound quality across all these devices is impressive.  


Fnatic React Gaming Headset Review - The $70 Headset

The mic of the Fnatic gear react gaming headset is nicely constructed. It is coated in same foam used inside the headset. This allows for good isolation of noise from your voice, with the voice output distinctly clear with very little in the way of distortion or noise leak. 

From an audio clarity perspective, this a great headset to invest in if you are looking to begin streaming or record audio, and you would like a little more use out of your headset for your money. The microphone may be a little quieter than you would hope. But that’s an easily fixable issue in post-production (or by telling your friends to turn up their own headset).  

Overall, this is one of the best microphones on a headset in the market at an affordable price. Kudos to Fnatic for finding a way to bring quality to such a cheap product.


Fnatic REACT Gaming Headset Review: Features 

To be honest, the Fnatic – react wired stereo gaming headset falls slightly. Aside the 1.2m 3.5mm audio jack and the 2m extender for those with a separate microphone and audio input on their PC, there isn’t much to say about the features of this headset. 

On the microphone cable, there is an easy-to-use switch that control’s the headset volume. A Killswitch is also provided for muting the mic of the headset.

Fnatic React Gaming Headset Review - The $70 Headset

If you are unhappy with the factory settings of the audio output, then I would recommend altering your PC’s internal audio output. But to be honest, I don’t think that will be necessary seeing that Fnatic hit the mark for an amazing in-game sound quality. 

Technical Details 

  • Driver: 53mm 
  • Fit: Over-ear 
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz 
  • Impedance: 23 Ohm 
  • Cable Length: 1.2m + 2.0m extension 

What’s in the box 

  • REACT headset. 
  • Detachable Microphone 
  • 2m Extension Cable Splitter 
  • Quick Start Guide 

Should you buy the Fnatic react gaming headset? 

Buy it if you: 

  • Want an affordable gaming headset. 
  • Want a comfortable headset. 
  • Are looking for a headset with good in-game sound. 
  • Can make use of a headset that does not have an audio software. 
  • Can deal with the fact that the Fnatic React doesn’t come with RGB lighting and wireless connectivity. 

The Final Verdict 

The Fnatic react is one of the best gaming headsets out there at this price range. Though they have compromised by leaving out features like wireless connectivity and audio software for the sake of affordability. The Fnatic react gaming headset still has optimal performance. 

However, on buying a pair of Fnatic react you will find that you own a gaming headset, that offers stellar in-game audio. 

With a sleek, minimalist design to boot and the comfort of the memory foam that lines the headset, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a headset that outperforms these for the low price they retail for. 

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