Xiaomi reportedly planning to build its own car – led by Lei Jun

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Xiaomi Car

Few Mobile tech giants have been expanding their presence from the phone industry to the automobile industry in the past year. Huawei recently became one of such companies, and it seems as though Xiaomi is also heading towards this direction. 

This conclusion is in light of recent information speculating the entrance of Xiaomi into the automobile market. New reports has suggested that the tech giant is planning on building it’s own car. 

iFengNews reported that multiple sources have made mention of the Chinese tech giant building it’s own car. According to these sources, this is a strategic decision made by Xiaomi. 

However, specific details as to why and what path they aim to take is yet to be determined. 

The sources further mentioned that there are many variables in play and nothing is set in stone about the project. Meaning the company may or may not embark on this journey.

Based on the word of an individual familiar with the project, the project will be led by the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun. This goes to show that this is a top priority project that need the utmost attention. 

However, no official statement has by offered by the company on this topic.


Xiaomi car, a step towards the untapped automobile market

CEO Lei Jun had made two visits to the US back in 2013 to meet with CEO Elon Musk. It Seems this project has been slowly set in motion a long time ago without creating public awareness.  

The report adds that Xiaomi’s interest in the automobile market was aroused by the stagnation faced in the smartphone market due to the deadly virus at large. 

The fact that Xiaomi is expanding it’s presence to the automobile industry should not come as a surprise. The rise in the electric smart vehicle market leaves a lot of room in the untapped market for more inventors. 

With Xiaomi’s research and development team and expertise in electronic hardware succeeding in this industry is a matter of time. 

Sadly, Xiaomi is yet to make any official comment concerning this expansion. That leaves this report unconfirmed at the moment. Hopefully an official statement will be rendered soon. 

More information about this topic will be updated as we get them. So stay tuned as we keep you updated on the progress of this project. 

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