Xiaomi phones can no longer install Google services in China

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Xiaomi phones

Reports from Xiaomi users in china are that they have found that the MIUI no longer allows the installation of Google services. 

Google Mobile Servies is a major factor required to use key Google applications such as Google play store on mobile devices. 

Though some manufacturers do not install Google Mobile Services on their smartphones. There by making use of alternative stores that provide all kinds of mobile application for users. 

However, the choice of making use of Google services was still available for people who preferred these services. There by giving users the opportunity of installing Google apps and services as they see fit. 


Recent complains by users with the latest MIUI update, MIUI 12.5 is that they can no longer install Google Mobile Services on their mobile devices. 

In an official statement by Xiaomi, the company confirmed this reports. By saying that smartphones that do not come with Google’s Service platform can no longer install their services and applications. 

Most devices manufactured and used in china do not support Google Mobile Service. This is because they have been banned from using such services in the country.  

A list of the affected phone models by this policy change was not disclosed by Xiaomi. However, users of the Redmi K30 Ultra and Redmi 10X 5G has put forth complaints. This complaints stated that they are no longer able to install Google apps on their phones. 

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