Xiaomi may soon Launch a smartphone with 4k OLED Screen

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Xiaomi 4k screen

According to new reports, Xiaomi May Soon launch its first 4K screen (OLED display) on its Smartphone.

This information comes from XDA Developers who claims to have spotted the 4k Screen on the Chinese Certification authority’s website “TENAA” and hints to be launching Soon in china.

The upcoming smartphone is believed to feature a 6-55- inch 4K OLED display with a resolution of 3840 × 2160.

Sony is the first Smartphone Company to implement 4k displays on Smartphones. The 4k screen is featured on its latest device, the Sony Xperia 1 III with a 6.5 inch display.

Taking this leap Could mean Xiaomi taking the title of best resolution available on a Smartphone, that is if this in formation is accurate. However, even with the existence of this device, it is highly unlikely it will be launched beyond the Shores of China.

The model number of the devices matches that of the newly announced Xiaomi civi revealed at the end of September. However, this device is still exclusive to the Chinese market.

This may Sound fascinating to a lot of Xiaomi fans and can’t wait to got their hands on this device, but keep in mind that the information provided by TENAA maybe inaccurate. Even if this information is correct, the chances of Seeing this device very soon is slim.

That handset also features a 6.55-inch display, but there’s currently no word on a variant with a 4K display. That model number does heavily suggest this will at least be part of the same family of devices.

There’s also the chance that TENAA’s information is incorrect, which if true may mean that we won’t see a 4K display on a Xiaomi phone anytime soon.

Should Xiaomi go all-in on 4K screens?

Smartphones with 4K screens aren’t new; they’re just not widely used yet. Sony’s flagship devices have all had 4K resolutions since the 2015 Xperia Z5 Premium. This was the first commercially accessible phone with a 4K display.

No other manufacturer has deemed 4K a viable spec to offer on its phones, thus Xiaomi’s decision is surprising. It’s possible that it’s experimenting with new features on the Xiaomi Civi range.

This could be a way for the corporation to gauge demand and see how well a 4K resolution works on its phones.

If this proves to be a success, it may become a feature that is rolled out to other smartphone lines. It’s unlikely to make its debut on the Xiaomi 12. However, it could be incorporated into other Xiaomi handsets, such as the Mi Mix range.

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