Xiaomi hints on Camera with Liquid Lens on upcoming Mi Mix

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Xiaomi liquid lens

On March 25th, Xiaomi tipped in a pair of Weibo posts that their next Mi Mix handset will pack a liquid lens camera. According to the company, March 29th is the due date for its launch. This liquid lens has a layer of liquid. By applying an electrical voltage, the lens’s focus and focal length are adjusted. This lens will give the camera ability to take everything from telephoto to macro shots, and make fast autofocus.


Liquid lenses have been used in the industries for some years now; it is used to replace traditional lenses where wear and tear might occur due to moving mechanical parts. Their compact size and versatility makes them more suitable for smartphones, also one camera with a liquid lens would produce the same combined result as the several rear cameras of most phones.


Xiaomi is not the only company on this. As at last year, unverified claims have it that Huawei is also exploring this technology in its smartphones.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix line has featured several awesome experimental designs over the years, so a liquid lens feels fitting for it. In 2018, the Mi Mix 3 was among the first phones designed with a mechanical sliding selfie camera, and the following year, Mi Mix Alpha was launched, it came with a screen that wrapped around almost the entire device.

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Source: theverge

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