Xiaomi announces its first wireless charging pad on March 29

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Xiaomi’s wireless charging pad

During the Mi 11 Ultra event that took place on the 29th of March, Xiaomi launched a new wireless charging pad. The pad was designed with the ability to charge three devices at the same time devoid of precise placement. The wireless charging pad by Xiaomi is similar to the canceled AirPower charger by Apple. 

During the launch, Xiaomi mentioned that the charging pad features 19 coils that were strategically placed. This arrangement allows users to place up to three devices that support Qi wireless charging on the pad and charge them simultaneously. The pad is capable of giving out 20W of wireless power per device, making a total of 60W as its output.

Xiaomi announces its first wireless charging pad on March 29

Xiaomi’s wireless charging pad will be sold for a retail price of about $90. This is quite cheaper and more affordable compared to most charging pad clones by other companies. However, we are yet to learn if the charging pad will be launched outside of China. 


Is Xiaomi The First Company To Clone Apple’s wireless charging pad (Airpower)? 

Though Xiaomi has been previously criticized in the past for adopting Apple’s design elements and methods, in the case of charging pad, Xiaomi is not the first company to make its own clone of the Apple AirPower. Many other companies before Xiaomi have come up with their own clone of the Apple Airpower.  

For instance, in 2019, Nomad released the Base Station Pro, an 18-coil wireless charger that can charge any three devices with no specific placement. But a major disadvantage was that aside from the iPhone, the pad only provided 5W of charging to other smartphones.  

The difference between the Base Station Pro and Xiaomi’s charging pad is the addition of an extra coil and possibly better charging experience. 

Together with the charging pad, Xiaomi also launched the Mi 11 Pro, which features a 67W wireless charging contrary to the Mi 10 Ultra and Huawei’s Mate 40 Pro, which previously had the fastest wireless charging at 50W. Xiaomi also announced a new 80W wireless charger in its launch event.

Xiaomi announces its first wireless charging pad on March 29

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