Xiaomi and Oppo 5G Smartphone Chip May Launch This Year

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Xiaomi and Oppo 5G Chip

It Seems Xiaomi and Oppo are set to take on Qualcomm and Mediatekby developing their own 5G Smartphone SoCs.

Recent reports from Digitimes suggest that Xiaomi and Oppo two smartphone manufacturers are currently working on making their own custom 5G chips which could arrive by the end of 2021.

Unisoc, a Shanghai-based chipset company, is also working on SoC with support for next-gen connectivity.

After Huawei’s troubles where its supply of Kirin chips was cut, Xiaomi and Oppo likely want to diversify their supply. This decision is also driven by China’s increased investments in the semiconductor Space. The Country has  increased its effort to locally produce Chips So that it doesn’t depend on foreign chipmakers.


Reports reveal that Xiaomi  made its first in-house chipset back in 2017 where it revealed the Surge S1 chip, built on the 28nm process and powering the Xiaomi Mi 5c smartphone. Not much has been heard from the company about chip, not until Surge C1, a dedicated ISP for the Mi Mix Fold camera, was made.

Since then, we haven’t seen much from the chip division until the arrival of the Surge C1 – a dedicated ISP for the Mi Mix Fold camera. Hopefully, this means the Pinecone division is back to life and Xiaomi could join other companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple in designing its own platforms.

Custom chips will also ensure that the phone makers can optimize their devices better for things like power consumption and overall performance. However, don’t expect them to ditch chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek entirely.

Meanwhile, Chinese companies aren’t the only ones working on in-house chips. Google is also rumored to be making a custom smartphone silicon for the Pixel 6.

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