TCL working on phone with both foldable and rollable displays

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TCL foldable and rollable phone

Just like most mobile companies, TCL is also working on a foldable and rollable phone of its own. This device is expected to be launched some time this year. However, recent rumours points to a phone that incorporates both the foldable and rollable tech on one phone. 

Why incorporate just a foldable screen or a rollable display when you could put both in one device? Am sure this was the question on the mind of TCL when they came up with this idea.

According to sketches and renderings obtained by CNET, on one side of the phone TCL makes use of a Dragon Hinge and on the other, a rollable extension. The company seems to be working on a smartphone that can transform into a large tablet by unfolding and rolling out the device.

CNET says TCL plans to unveil the device in mid-April at the same time it plans to launch its 20 series phones. The phone is tag as a ‘concept device’ and is unclear as to when or if the phone will see the light of day. 

TCL is one of the experts in the television industry but has a low profile in the phone industry. A prototype of a rollable phone from the manufacture has been seen by most, while screens that roll have also been spotted in TV sets made by TCL. However, the journey from concept to reality is not always as smooth as we would hope.


For years, TCL has been showing off sketches and prototypes of foldable and rollable devices but is yet to introduce a product consumer can buy. However, the company claims it’s on track to sell its first foldable device this year. 

Motivation Of TCL For Its Foldable And Rollable Phone 

TCL seems focus on coming up with innovations to attract buyers. This is based on the fact that most people are married to their smartphones and with minor tweaks made yearly, it is hard to justify the pricey nature of these devices. 

There are rumours of Samsung working on its own rollable phoneLG plans to be the first to release a rollable phone to consumers, however, it seems oppo have come closest to realising this dream. There have been a series of hands-on videos on the Oppo X rollable and what to expect. But the phone is yet to reach the hands of consumers, that is if it ever will.

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