Survey reveals Apple watch series 7 cool monitoring upgrade

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Apple watch 7

For quite some time now, there have been rumours insisting that the next Apple Watch generation (Apple watch 7) will benefit diabetics and weight watchers. Apple just confirmed this widespread rumour to be true.

A fan of 9to5Mac, who hails from Brazil received a survey from Apple. The survey inquired about the most useful current watchOS features and health-tracking habits. The survey further asked whether they use third-party apps to track workouts track and eating habits. It also asked how they monitor medications and blood sugar levels. 

It’s been Apple’s dream to build and launch an Apple Watch that monitors blood glucose in a non-invasive way. As we can see this will soon be a dream come through. While an Apple survey isn’t cast-iron proof as such, they have often signaled the way the company will imminently turn. Anybody who received the survey about old iPhone chargers will understand this. 

Apple has been working on how to integrate this blood glucose tracking technology for some years now. One time in 2017, CEO Tim Cook was sighted wearing what appeared to be a prototype device. 

The long road to it becoming a feature shows how challenging it is. And there ought to be precision in this new feature because of its purpose. Blood sugar levels are a very important and useful measurement for both weight losers and diabetics, so a higher precision in its measurement would be needed.


But if the implementation is done right, it could be a game-changer. One of the reasons being that the current medical-grade hardware is so expensive. Another reason is that some third-party hardware that is compatible with Apple Watch is extremely expensive. A continuous monitoring system such as Dexcom costs $245 for transmitters and $1,035 for a three-month supply of sensors, and even a cheaper manual system like One Drop costs between $31 and $90 a month, depending on how many daily tests you administer.  

Last week, rumours of Apple’s plans became even stronger when it was revealed that the company was the biggest customer of Rockley Photonics, a U.K. business that specializes in accurate sensors for various blood signals including glucose and alcohol levels. In its SEC documents, Rockley claims that its lasers offer “up to 1,000,000 times higher resolution, 1,000 times higher accuracy and 100 times broader range in wavelengths” than existing wearable LEDs.

That all sounds very promising, but the big question is, will this be implemented in the long-rumoured Apple Watch series 7 or will it be implemented in the next year’s version of the Apple smartwatch? A statement from the Rockley CEO Andrew Rickman implies that next year’s wearable will be equipped with this technology. So hopefully Apple Watch 8 will have this technology.

However, we predict that Apple will follow their usual strategy where they introduce basic features of new technology in a particular generation and improve on it in the subsequent generation. Therefore, we are optimistic something new will come with the Apple Watch Series 7.

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