Spotify finally brings offline music downloads to Apple watch

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Spotify offline music downloads

Spotify recently announced that it’s finally bringing to Apple smartwatches one of its most requested features. This feature will make Apple Watch able to download playlists, albums, and podcasts to play them offline. With this new feature added to Apple Watch, it will give users the ability to add and delete Spotify content on their phones, stream audio in 96kbps and sync with the Watch.

This new feature is similar to the normal downloading and sharing. To get an album, playlist or podcast, users click the three ellipses next to it and click “Download to Apple Watch.” Once downloaded, green arrows will be seen next to the title. After which music can be played directly from the watch.

In its press briefing, the company said, “Being able to download music and podcasts complements the existing feature of being able to stream your favourites from the watch, and now you don’t even have to take your phone with you.”


For quite some time, Apple Watch could only be used as a remote for Spotify music playing on an iPhone or other Spotify Connect-compatible device. Not until November last year, Spotify added a new feature; this gives users the ability to stream music online using Apple Watch.

Apple said it will make this offline feature available to users from Friday. It will be available on Apple Watch Series 3 or later versions running WatchOS 6.0 and above. To enjoy this offline feature, users need at least a Spotify Premium subscription. Spotify Premium memberships have different prices for different packages. For a single account it cost $9.99 per month. Family plan goes for $15.99 per month. Another package called student account goes for a token of $4.99-per-month.

Earlier this week, Deezer,  a different streaming music service, achieved offline music download before Spotify. It added an extra feature to download music from its Apple Watch app.

Spotify also announced this week it was going to unveil a new feature to Google’s Wearable. This feature will give wearable the ability to download music and listen offline without the assistance of a smartphone. During a Google’s developer keynote that was held on Tuesday, the company’s product lead for wearables said this feature is a work in progress therefore it is not ready for launch.

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