Sony Plans To Close Its PlayStation Store For PS3 And Vita

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PS3, PS Vita and PSP

Sony recently announced that it will officially close its PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 and the store for PlayStation Vita devices on July 2nd and August 27th, respectively. The shutdown simply means you won’t be able to buy digital copies of games or DCL for the PS3 and Vita. Sony also plans to take away the remaining purchase functionality for its PlayStation Portable (PSP) on July 2nd.

TheGamer was the first to give a hint about the said closures last week. Many had feared this action would mark the end of users being able to download games unto their devices. Luckily for you all, those games, videos, and media contents previously purchased through your system’s download list will still be up for download and use.  

So, if you still own a PS3, PSP, or Vita don’t throw them away because you can continue accessing your games. This is the same for free PS Plus games as well provided there is an active subscription. Also voucher codes for downloadable games or PS Plus subscriptions on PS3 and Vita can be redeemed. For now, the only difference these shutdowns will cause is that you won’t be able to purchase PS3, PS Vita, or PSP digital games and videos. There will also be a halt on In-game purchases after the stores are closed.


However, after the closures, cross-buy contents will still be available for purchase. This grants users access to the PS3 and PS Vita / PSP versions of games that comes with cross-buy support. 

PlayStation Store: Sony’s PS3, PS Vita and PSP Sales Over The Years  

About 87 million units of the Sony’s PS3 console were sold in total ever since it was first launched in November 2006. it officially ended production in 2017 after 11 successful years on the market and three model redesigns.  

The Vita didn’t fare well when compared to the PS3, with about 10-15 million units of PS Vita sold in total in its lifetime. The PS Vital was a bit of a flop when compared to the PS3 and PSP. But the PSP which was released in March 2005 enjoyed similar success as PS3, with about 81 million units sold during its 10-year lifetime. 

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