Samsung partner’s with Olympus to produce better Cameras

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Recent leaks suggest that Samsung is Currently working on a partnership with Olympus, a renowned Camera manufacturing Company to develop Camera hardware for its upcoming phones. It is assumed that this arrangement was made to improve the Camera setup on Samsung’s next year’s flagship device, the galaxy S22.

According to Gizmochina, “Samsung and Olympus held talks about a possible partnership.” They also mentioned that the result of such partnership Could be seen “on a special edition Fold or we could see this happen on ‘H3’ (S22 Ultra)”.

If this info is accurate, then, only the top-of-the-line devices from Samsung’s S22 series, that is the S22 ultra will feature this upgrade. This assumption is made owning to the fact that Samsung always features its best tech on its ultra-devices.

Although the Chances of seeing this Camera is not until 2022 with the launch of the S22, there are Rumours that the up coming Galaxy Fold 3 this year will feature the new Camera.

Olympus has a  history of camera manufacture since it began operations in 1919.  Samsung’s rumoured partnership with Olympus seems to be driven by the desire for a better and high-quality Camera modules. Given that Olympus is a leading manufacturers of optical and reprography products, we expect to see something cool from this partnership.


According to Techradar, “there’s also the possibility that separate rumours about Samsung’s next Exim’s chip, which apparently has the codename ‘Olympus’, may have contributed to the growing speculation about the collaboration.”

This leak comes from @heyitsyogesh on twitter, and was Confirmed by Ice universe on weibo who claims the info is reliable based on the word of his Source. However, the confirmation from Ice Universe, who previously predicted Samsung features like the Galaxy S21’s flat screen Correctly brings a form of Credibility to this leak.

The Specifics of the agreement between Samsung and Olympus is yet to be known as no statement has been put forth by any of the parties involved.

However, if this partnership is confirmed, then Samsung joins Oneplus, Vivo, and other Smartphone brands that have Outsourced the production of its camera to camera manufacturers.

So while we await an official confirmation from both companies, it is Crucial to note that the leak is just a rumour which may be credible or a ruse.

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