Samsung Galaxy S21 series will not have micro SD card slot

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Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung’s upcoming smartphone, the Galaxy S21 series launch date scheduled for January 14 has been the talk of many. The device specs have been rumored for an awfully long time, but we do not have to wait much longer as the launch date is fast approaching. 

A tipster @rquandt recently twitted that the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone will not be coming with a microSD card slot. He further added that some markets will include chargers, while others will no longer include chargers with their packaging. 

It seems Samsung is taking a different turn with the S21 series. The Samsung S series phones have always been equipped with microSD card slots. The Samsung S20 series currently on the market come with a SIM+micro SD hybrid card slot equipped. The Galaxy S20 also comes with the choice of having two SIM cards or one SIM card + one microSD card installed.


However, most flagship Android phones currently have cancelled the microSD card slot option on their devices. This due to the performance of the UFS flash memory built into the phones are more reliable and advanced than microSD cards. 

Reports gotten so far stated that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be in multiple configurations for different regions. It was also stated that the Galaxy S21 series will retain the SIM+microSD hybrid card slot in some countries and regions. 

Samsung Galaxy S21: No In-box Charger 

Earlier reports about Samsung following the “no in-box charger” trend set by apple with its Samsung S21 series may have been confirmed. A tipster twitted that Samsung has decided to take this action in the UK market. This means the UK region will be supplied with the S21 series with no in-box charger in its packaging. The Samsung S21 mobile phone will be like Apple, only with a Type-C data cable in the box. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip and Exynos 2100 chip. And will hopefully be the first device to launch with this chip in 2021. Excluding the Xiaomi Mi 11 that launched in December 28 last year with this chip. Making the Xiaomi Mi 11 the first device to launch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip.

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