Samsung 4K HDR10+ Ultra Projectors Are Now Available

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Samsung 4K HDR10+ Ultra Projectors

Earlier this month, Samsung announced it was set to release the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector with triple laser technology. That projector is now available to buy with two model options, both of which have hefty price tags.

The ultra short throw projector is called The Premiere and it replaces the need to own a television. It offers a 4K resolution with support for HDR10+ along with a peak brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens and a director-friendly “Filmmaker Mode” for watching movies. The one pre-requisite to owning and using The Premiere is having a wall you can sit it right next to as well as enough space on that wall to project the up to 130-inch output. 

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Samsung 4K Projector: What Else?

Samsung 4K HDR10+ Ultra Projectors Are Now Available

The announcement  by Samsung confirms both models are now available along with their pricing. The 120-inch LSP7T is priced at $3,499.99, and while that is certainly very expensive, it’s nothing compared to the 130-inch LSP9T model. Samsung is charging $6,499.99 if you want those extra 10-inches of screen space. There are a couple of other differences between the two models that help explain the massive price difference. The LSP9T uses a 40W 4.2 channel audio system, where as the LSP7T only includes a 30W 2.2 channel system, and the peak brightness on the LSP7T is also limited to 2,200 lumens.  


Considering the best 4K TVs this year mostly come in at under $2,000. These ultra-short throw projectors are going to be a hard sell. You are getting a much larger display for your money and the lack of a big black rectangle dominating the room when you aren’t using it, but it’s still a big investment. However, it does look as though a PlayStation 5 wouldn’t look out of place sitting next to either model. Demon’s Souls will look fantastic on such a massive screen. 

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