Rumour:2021 MacBook Pros to use M1X chip and M2 in 2022

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Rumours speculates that Apple’s next MacBook Pro (2021) version might be released this year, probably this summer. According to these rumours, this device might be powered by the so called M1X, manufactured by Apple.

Tales about the M1X label has been on for sometime now. It started some weeks after the M1 was released, some rumours also claimed that the M1X chip will be integrated in these upcoming MacBook Pros (2021), instead of the M2 chip. It seems the M2 chip is being reserved by Apple for the new MacBook Air (2022) which could be launched next year.

Reports from an iOS developer and Apple leaker on Twitter called to our attention that “The M1X is an extension of the M1 that will contain more thunderbolt channels, CPU cores, GPU cores, multiple external monitor support, and greater power draw. These devices will both feature a 1080p webcam, SD card reader, three thunderbolt USB C ports, an updated MagSafe port, and an HDMI port,” said @dylandkt as reported by 9to5Mac.

When it comes to leaks, @dylandkt is trustworthy leaker, according to 9to5Mac. Some of their past tweets were able to give accurate predictions. But when it comes to Apple products, their leaks are not that reliable so it should not be taken hook, line, and sinker.


Furthermore, 9 to 5 Mac observes that this rumour partially tallies with a latest leak from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, especially on the aspect of processor. According to Gurman, the upcoming MacBook Pros(2021) will be powered by a chip that is similar to the already existing M1, though with more cores. Gurman claims the chip has 10-cores (with 8 of them being performance cores, plus 2 power-efficient ones) different from the M1’s 8-cores (with 4 performance cores). He did not identify this processor as M1X model, in fact he did not even give it a name.

Coming to a conclusion from these two rumours, especially as each of them gives some level of doubt, is of course questionable.

The developer, @dylandkt, previously speculated that the 2021 MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch version will be powered by M1X. @dylandkt also proposed the idea that a ‘higher-end iMac’ as well as a ‘higher-end Mac mini’ will have the M1X chip. Well, only time will reveal the truth.

With time, it will be revealed whether the launch of the refreshed MacBook Pro models is at hand or not. Other rumour speculates that they could be delayed until 2022. Though it seems possible that the device might be launched 2022 as some other rumours talked about component shortages possibly affecting MacBook production.

In addition to this, @dylandkt’s tweet claims that in a bid to allow a bigger screen to fit in the chassis, the incoming MacBook Pros will have its ‘MacBook Pro’ removed and it bezels thinner. Just like the new iPad Pro 12.9, these MacBook Pro models are expected to use Mini LED screens.

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