Restore needed on Apple Watch Series 3 before updating it

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Apple Watch Series 3

Many users have laid their complaints that they find it almost impossible to install watchOS updates. Despite the problem still exist, some tweaks in iOS 14.6 was made by Apple. These changes ask users to automatically restore their Apple Watch Series 3 before updating it.

The problem encountered is as a result of the GPS version of the Apple Watch Series 3. It was given only 8GB of internal storage. The limited memory space restricts users from updating the Series 3 GPS model, displaying error due to limited memory space for update to proceed.

Friends who also own an Apple Watch Series 3 also get exactly the same error message from watchOS when they try to install system updates, saying there is not enough storage space. They get this error message even though the memory space is free from any third-party apps or music. The only remedy Apple could come up with is that users should restore completely all data and settings before they can proceed to install the latest watchOS version.

With the latest versions of iOS and watchOS, Apple seems to have given up trying to force users to delete apps and media manually, which almost never solves the problem. As noted by a 9to5Mac reader in a Portuguese-language tweet, Apple is now telling users that they need to unpair their Apple Watch models and then restore it before watchOS can update.

Restore needed on Apple Watch Series 3 before updating it


To install the watchOS update, users are required to unpair and pair again with their Apple Watch in the Apple Watch app on their iPhone.

Before now, updates only requires that the user should delete some third party apps or files before trying to install the update again.

Current watchOS update installation needs at least 3.0GB of available storage on your Apple Watch. Users can free up storage by deleting apps using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

First released in 2017, the Apple Watch Series 3 is still being sold by Apple. It’s also had a long run of watchOS update support. Though there is every possibility that Apple will not fix the current update problem for Apple Watch Series 3. However, the new prompt could indicate that the relatively old model may not be supported by watchOS 8 or future updates. If that turns out to be the case, it could be discontinued. But this will be decided at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that will be coming in a few days from now.

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