Oppo HeyTap Health app Launched on Apple iOS devices

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HeyTap Health app

China based Smartphone tech giant Oppo recently launched a series of wearables; a smartwatch and fitness tracker, amongst other products. These new products marked it’s entry into the wearable market.

The smartwatch and fitness tracker, are designed to be managed from Oppo’s HeyTap Health app. The HeyTap Health app initially designed for Android devices is a personal fitness app that records and visualizes your workout and health statistics.

Oppo has also launched the HeyTap Health app on iOS devices. Meaning, iPhone users can now Sync their Oppo wearables with their phones. Syncing the app with the Oppo watch and Bandstyle gives users the ability to adjust Settings and also view data.

The HeyTap Health app also allows users to pair their Oppo Watch and Oppo Band so as to explore more features, hereby giving you access to manage the smart devices such as receiving notifications on the wearable devices, choosing the watch face, customizing personal workout and other health settings.


Users can easily monitor Sp02 Continuously with the help of the HeyTap Health app and Band Style. The Bandstyle offers accurate sleep, heart rate and continuous SpO2 monitoring.

The HeyTap Health app also allows users to take advantage of the Band style’s 12 built-in workout modes, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, badminton, cricket, yoga and others.

The Oppo Smartwatch on the other hand is powered with wear OS by Google and comes with a dual-curved display. The Smartwatch stands in as a training partner with its wrist-based ‘5-min’ workouts and wide range of health information it is able to Capture. Oppo also promised a full day’s power delivery in just 15 mins charge because of its 11OOC Flash charging technology.

The HeyTap Health app on Android also offers Support for Oppo’s wireless earphones. This feature is yet to be Launched on iOS running devices, though currently been worked on. This Leaves iPhone users without a way of Customizing their earphone settings.

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