OnePlus Smartwatch to Launch on March 23 – Leaked Specs

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OnePlus SmartWatch

The OnePlus Watch has been the gadget on the lips of most OnePlus fans for a while now. It feels good to finally say that the wait is almost over. OnePlus has neither confirmed nor denied that the wearable will be making its official debut on March 23 alongside the OnePlus 9. 

OnePlus revealed a glimpse of what we find to look very much like a smartwatch in a tweet and a forum post. The tweet was captioned “You asked for it. You’re getting it.” It will come as a great shock if this turns out not to be the OnePlus smartwatch. 

Oneplus in its forum further said, “This fresh addition to the OnePlus family is healthy, punctual and even takes care of you while you sleep.” This info suggests that the tech tracks your sleep, tells time, and has built in fitness features. 

As further confirmation of the launch date, the tweet also references March 23, same as the OnePlus 9 series launch date. 

According to techradar, rumours of the OnePlus watch dates back to 2016. OnePlus made mention of the watch being at its initial stages of development. The company however, said that they had decided to focus exclusively on phones in the future. But it seems they have had a change of heart with this impending launch.


OnePlus Smartwatch Features and Specs 

Much have not been heard about the features and specs to expect from the OnePlus watch. But based on leaked info from the filed patent, the watch will come in a couple of variants. This information was revealed by Mukul Sharma To the public in a tweet.

According to past leaks as reported by gadgets, there are claims that both watch variants will come in Obsidian Black colour option at the least. The smartwatches may offer a dedicated dark theme, and feature AMOLED displays. The leaks further speculated that they are expected to have dedicated workout modes to track activities. These activities include indoor biking, swimming, and yoga. The fitness wearables could also include sports tracking. 

More leaks and rumors as reported by TechRadar suggest that the OnePlus Watch could have a circular screen.  

OnePlus CEO Lau said that the company is working with Google to increase connectivity between Wear OS and Android. This statement suggests that the watch will run on Wear OS, although some leaks have suggested it might not. 

With less than a week to its launch date, we expect to see what Oneplus has in store for us and hope they meet the expectations of users.

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