OnePlus and Oppo Officially Merged Their R&D Department

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OnePlus and Oppo

On January 20th, an exclusive information was shared by DoNews Concerning two major smartphone tech giant in China. From their report, it seems Oneplus and Oppo has merged their research and development (R&D) departments. Further information suggests that offers for new employees in the research and development department will be handled by Oppo alone. 

An Oppo insider also told DoNews that the merge between this two companies research and development department took place as far back as early December. Making them a part of the entire Ouga Group. Though research and development are no longer carried out separately, original features of their software are temporarily maintained. This relationship is quite similar to that between xiaomi and Redmi who share same research and development department. 

As early as June last year, there were rumors that OPPO and OnePlus’ R&D department merged. And now the dust has finally settled. For OnePlus, it’s not a bad thing to merge the R&D department into OPPO. Because this simply means that two relatively independent brands, OPPO and OnePlus will be more closely linked.


Incidentally, OnePlus has always tried to remain away from being linked with Oppo all along and while it maintained its status of being “independent brand,” this official confirmation of the merger of R&D teams seems to be a mere formality and there would hardly make any difference at the consumer’s end.

At present, OPPO Mall under OPPO has also completed the merger and changed its name to Huantai Mall. Its products include smartphones and peripheral products of the three major brands of OPPO, OnePlus and Realme.

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