Microsoft Surface 4 specs leak includes AMD and Intel models

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Microsoft Surface 4

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 for a while was one of the best laptops out there. Rumours have it that Microsoft is currently planning the production of its successor, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. It seems WinFuture has obtained some details about the upcoming laptop. 

According to theverge, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is expected to launch in April. The new laptop is rumoured to come in both Intel and AMD processor configurations. This gives consumers the choice to opt for which CPU brand they prefer. 

This option was not available on the Surface 3. The surface 3 featured the AMD Ryzen processors in the consumer version while Intel processors were installed on enterprise and education models of the laptop. 

Consumers will have the option of opting for the AMD Ryzen 5 4680U or the Ryzen 7 4980U for the AMD models. Sadly, this is not the latest processor by AMD. Since the latest AMD processor, the Ryzen 5000-series was announced recently, we do not expect to see them soon on Microsoft surface laptops. 

The intel models will come in Both the Core i5-1145G7 and Core i7-1185G7 and feature intel’s latest processor. This option means the Microsoft Surface 4 will feature intel’s EVO platform for the first time.


More Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 leaked Specs 

According to WinFuture, the Microsoft Surface 4 will come in both 13.5-inch and 15-inch versions. The Surface 4 is expected to keep the 3:2 aspect ratio for both the 13.5-inch and 15-inch models. The 13.5-inch will sport a 2256 x 1504p resolution while the 15-inch will sport a 2496 x 1664p resolution. 

The report also mentioned that the Intel models RAM will max out at 32GB while their storage will max out at 1TB. For AMD models, the RAM and storage will max out at 16GB and 512GB, respectively. This gives Intel an edge in specs over AMD, though the intel configurations will certainly come at a higher price tag to the AMD models. 

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