Massive iphone 13 upgrade Revealed in new exclusive leak

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iPhone 13

Apple’s iPhone 13 range has a new design and an accelerated release date. We are expecting what many will call the “biggest upgrade” from Apple.

Following up its recent iPhone 13 production revelations, Digitimes reveals that iPhone13 line-up will be about 20% more power-efficient than the iPhone 12 models. This mainly due to the upgrade in the display.

What iPhone 13 Has To Offer Users

According to Digitimes, Samsung Display and LG Display who partner with Apple on display production are currently switching to LTPO OLED instead of the LTPS OLED used in the iPhone 12 range. Though several rumors about LTPO OLED displays have been flying for some time now, this is the first time we have heard its power saving capability. 


iPhone fans should consider themselves lucky as this is a great win for them. First of all, iPhone 12 models are peculiar for having a very bad battery life compared to other iPhone models that came before them mostly due to their smaller batterie sizes. Secondly, the LTPO display comes with a high refresh rates between 1Hz and 120Hz which is similar to that of most Android devices we have these days, though it comes with less battery drain. Apple will market this high refresh rate as ‘ProMotion’, something it has already introduced on iPad Pros several years ago though they are still using LCD panels for its display. 

Alongside LTPO displays, iPhone fans should be excited because the iPhone 13  will have more efficient next-gen 5G modems and the company’s A15 chip will enhance its performance and reduce the power drain. 

It isn’t all about efficiency though, leaks from Forbes reveal that Apple’s plans to reduce the notch (at last!), boost WiFi speed and range, overhaul the camera experience and introduce an improved version of MagSafe for the iPhone 13 line-up.  

Combine all this with the above mentioned earlier release date, this year could be a great one for iPhone.

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