Mac Mini M1 Has Bluetooth Connectivity Issues, Users Complain

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Mac Mini M1

Apple’s latest update to the Mac mini in 2020 gave birth to the new Mac mini M1. Though initial reviews by regular users were impressive when considering the improvements made and its corresponding performance. But just like any other device out there, this Mac mini is not without its problems. Some users are complaining about the Bluetooth connectivity issues of device.

Connecting A Bluetooth Device To The Mac Mini M1 Feels Weird

The productivity of the Mac mini M1 is not one to question. It can handle pretty much anything thrown at it. With the aid of a Displaylink adaptor, the Mac mini can be hooked to about 6 different external displays, how cool is that? However, when it boils down to connecting wireless devices via Bluetooth to the, things get really weird. 

Patrick Tomasso a Youtuber explained in a video that both the Logitech MX Master 3 and the Apple Magic Mouse 2 were unable to connect to the Mac mini M1 wirelessly when he tried. Similar M1 Mac mini Bluetooth connectivity issues have been reported on Reddit by other owners of this computer. 


User Complaint On Reddit 

“I am using the Logitech Mx keys keyboard, and MX Master 3 mouse. On the very first boot, it would not recognize the keyboard or mouse as available to pair via Bluetooth. I resorted to a wired keyboard and mouse to get through setup. After that I was able to pair both, and they work great. However, any time I reboot the machine, I can’t log in because the keyboard and mouse are not connected. Using the wired keyboard lets me log in, and then the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse start working again. I’ve submitted a bug report, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this.” 

This kind of problems are often fixed with a hard reset. But if this does not work, we have no choice to wait for Apple to release a software update to rectify this issue. That is, assuming this is a software issue and nothing more. 

However, if this is a hardware malfunction, then owners of the M1 Mac mini with issues are expected to visit any Apple store or authorized service outlets for better understanding of what is really going on.  


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