M1 Macs Affected By Fast User Switching Screensaver Bug

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M1 Macs Screensaver Bug

Apple’s latest Macs with the new M1 chip have recently suffered issues with its Bluetooth devices according to most users. Further reports from users shows emerging problems with the M1 Macs Fast User Switching. The screensavers seem to randomly pop up without notice and render the desktop workspace completely unavailable with no easy way to dismiss it.

The problem as highlighted by MacRumors seems to be with users that have multiple user accounts and enabled the fast user switching. This system allows for quick switching between accounts without logging out. All emphasis seems to point at this being a bug in macOS Big Sur’s Fast User Switching system.

The bug randomly pops up the screensaver regardless of you using a screensaver or not. The pop up renders the desktop workspace useless with no way to dismiss it other than closing the affected MacBook and reopening the device (or pressing the power button, or using Alt-Command-Q).

Many users have also complained about this issue on Reddit. One of these users also said “The only fix I’ve found is to close the MacBook for 4-5 seconds, then open it and upon reloading in, it fixes itself.”


This issue seems to only happen with people having multiple user accounts and enabling fast user switching. Simply turning off the Fast user switching solves the problem, but leaves you without the benefit of quick account switching.

The problem seems to affect all macs with the M1 chip including the new Mac mini.

Beta 11.2 fix?

Information about Apple working to fix this issue has not yet come to light but users are still hopeful. However, few users have issued statements about the macOS Big Sur’s latest beta (11.2) being a fix. Someone on MacRumors forum commented “This issue annoyed me for weeks, but I just realized I haven’t seen it in a while. I’m running the 11.2 beta update, maybe that fixes it?”

This statement was seconded by another user on Apple.com forums. The user said “this bug is fixed in 11.2 Big Sur version.” Therefore, it seems this issue has met its end with the arrival of the macOS Big Sur version 11.2.

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