LG Rollable Phone Is Not Dead – LG Puts A Stop To Rumors

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LG Rollable Phone

There have been several rumours circulating the net that LG’s rollable phone is a dead project. These rumours came to light after the speculation that LG might be leaving the phone business. 

However, LG recently made a statement addressing the rumours of its LG Rollable phone project being dead. They assured the public that no decision has been made yet concerning the rollable phone. 

Saying the fate of the LG rollable phone is undecided is not particularly good news, but there is still a chance that the LG Rollable will arrive later this year as originally promised. 

Rollable phones are turning out to be the next big projects in the phone industry. This conclusion is drawn based on the evolution of foldable devices we have seen over the past year. 

If LG plans to remain in the phone business, completing this project will be a good leap for them in the upcoming year. 

LG is not the only company toying with the idea of a rollable phone. Samsung and Oppo both made their fair share of contributions with Oppo being at the forefront. However, LG is the only company that has promised so far to make the phone available to consumers.


What Is Next For The LG Rollable Phone? 

LG putting the rumours of its dead rollable phone to bay through its statement to The Verge is not as encouraging as a promise that the phone is still coming. But it is fair to say that this is not the end of the line for the LG rollable phone project. 

LG has struggle to compete in the phone industry for years and has reportedly suffered a loss of over $4.5 billion over the past five years. That being said, it would not be a surprise if LG chooses to leave the phone business. 

As pointed out by The Verge, the rumours spawned from a change in the phone’s manufacturing schedule according to a report from Yonhap News. Yonhap News reported that LG had told suppliers the phone was on hold, and that they could request a refund for their development efforts. 

If LG did decide to put the Rollable on hold, it could be to change release dates or to re-engineer some part of its design. Not every change in manufacturing schedule necessarily means cancellation. 

However, let’s just hope that the LG Rollable does see the light of day before LG’s smartphone business goes completely under. 

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