Intel’s License To Supply Chips To Huawei Revoked By USA

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Just when things were finally looking good for Huawei, the company faced another major blow from the Trump administration in the US. According to the Reuters report, the Trump administration has told the Chinese giant that it is revoking certain licenses granted to its suppliers, including Intel.

It doesn’t end there, Huawei has also been informed by Trump’s administration about their plans of rejecting dozens of applications by the company for licenses to supply components and services to the tech giant. 

This seems to be another brutal attempt by the US to cripple the world’s largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer. The attempt to weaken this tech giant is based on US fear of national security threat because of the company’s origin and base in china. 

This is probably the last action by Republican president Donald Trump against the tech giant (Huawei Technologies). The notices came amid a flurry of U.S. efforts against China in the final days of Trump’s administration. 

The Semiconductor Industry Association in an email to Reuters said that the commerce department had issued “intents to deny a significant number of license requests for exports to Huawei and a revocation of at least one previously issued license.” 

However, sources familiar with the development claim that up to eight licenses from four companies have been revoked by the United States. The license of the Japan-based flash memory chip manufacturer Kioxia Corp. was also taken.


Intent to deny

It appears that companies that have received an “intent to deny” notices have 20 days to respond, and the commercial department has 45 days to let them know of any change to a decision, otherwise it becomes final. After that, companies would have a further 45 days to appeal this decision. 

After more than a year of restrictions, the United States had finally started licensing companies to begin supplying Huawei as long as the components were not related to the development of 5G technology. And now, a few months after that, the US government backing down from that too, incurring hundreds of billions of losses for the companies tied in between this trade war.

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