iMac Pro Production To Be Officially Discontinued By Apple

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Apple iMac Pro

After years on the market, Apple’s iMac Pro is going away for good. This will come as a shock to most iMac fans, however, there other better and cheaper alternatives to the iMac Pro.  

According to CNET, Apple confirmed this to them on the 6th of March. Though the computer is available for purchase on Apple’s website, it will be removed once all inventory is gone. For professionals, Apple suggest that iMac fans go for the 2020 27-inch iMac. 

After the launch of the iMac Pro years ago, this computer has been referred to as Apple’s most powerful computer. However, the iMac Pro hardly received any upgrades or design changes since its launch.


Apple’s iMac Pro sports an Intel Xeon processor, AMD Vega graphihcs, 10 Gigabit Eterhnet, a 5K display, and ECC memory. And its chipset is a custom Apple T2 chip for encrypted keys. It also features a special macOS version that carries out the booting process. 

Apple ended the production of the lower-end 8-core model of the iMac Pro as reported by PCmag in August 2020. After putting an end to the 8-core model, the 10-core version was made the base option. 

The iMac Pro computers are quite expensive when compared to other computers with similar or better features. At $4,999, the iMac feels quite beyond the reach of so many. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to rework its entire line of iMac computers. There’s currently no word on whether that means new version of the iMac Pro or a replacement. 

Professionals interested in getting an iMac Pro before it goes away for good can purchase it on Apple’s website. Ones these are gone, your only option will be to buy them from third-party sellers. 

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