Huawei Watch3, 3 Pro and MatePad 2 Pro to launch Soon

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Watch3, Pro and MatePad 2

Huawei is currently said to have upgrades for its premium MatePad Pro and Watch in the works. According to a popular tipster, these products are already in existence and might be launched very soon. He also mentioned that the Huawei Watch3 will come in different variants, a Pro Variant being one of them. Rumours about the price of these gadgets suggest that they might be quite expensive.

During the latest tablet launch, which was held on April 20, 2021, the same day on which Apple debuted the new, M1-powered iPad Pro – Huawei unveiled the MatePad T10 to the market. The MatePad which is powered by Kirin 820 and Wi-Fi 6-enabled was also unveiled to the Japanese market. Based on the latest tips, the OEM’s next tablet launch is slated to be held in China.


Digital Changan King, a leaker based on Weibo, claims the event will reveal the next device that will take over from MatePad Pro. The supposed tab will run on HarmonyOS. Its other features include 12.6-inch AMOLED displays with a refresh rate of about 120Hz. Though the supply of the Kirin 9000 processor is fast decreasing, the variants of the proposed tab may run on this processor. 

The launch date for this tablet is slated for June 2, 2021. Huawei, on the other lane, is also preparing to launch the latest generation of its flagship Watch as early as possible. This premium device might support eSIMs for stand-alone connectivity. Furthermore, Digital Changan King asserts that it is to get a Pro variant in 2021.

Should these tips prove accurate, the Huawei Watch3 and 3 Pro – which might also debut with HarmonyOS – will be revealed on May 19, 2021. 

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