Huawei Ships out the Cyrus SF5 Smart Cars orders from May

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Cyrus SF5 smart car

At Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition which held last month, Huawei announced the launch of the Cyrus SF5 smart car. The Cyrus SF5 smart car is fully electric. This is the first smart car that the Chinese tech giant is selling directly through its consumer flagship store. It will also be available on its official store for purchase. This news was personally announced by Richard Yu during his visit to the company’s global flagship store on Nanjing Road, Shanghai.

The CEO Yu informed that Huawei owns more than 60,000 retail locations across the globe. Among them, 12 are major flagship stores, and about 5,000 plus are experience stores.

This electric vehicle was designed to overcome challenges which includes; difficulty in charging, short cruising range, and inconvenient charging problems.

Huawei Cyrus SF5 smart car is packed with Huawei’s smart car solutions including DriveOne Three-in-One electric drive system. This model features great capabilities including the 405kW peak power, maximum 820N.m torque force, 4.68 s/100KM acceleration. The smart car can cover 180KM daily on pure electricity and a range of over 1000KM in the extended-range mode for long-distance travellers.


It features Huawei Sound and HiCar solution that enables seamless switching between a user’s smartphone application to the vehicle’s central control panel, enabling access to navigation, music, and more.

In China, the price tag for the car will be 246800 CNY (4WD) and 216800 CNY (2WD). The new Huawei Cyrus SF5 will be produced in four different colours namely; Deep Ocean Blue, Charcoal Black, Pearl White, and Titanium Silver Grey. As for the interior trim, it will come in three different colours namely; Midnight Black, Garnet Red, and Ivory White.

Huawei Ships out the Cyrus SF5 Smart Cars orders from May

The pre-order of the Cyrus SF5 commenced somewhere on April 20 and just in two days, the Huawei flagship store reached over 3000 orders just for the Cyrus SF5 smart car alone. Huawei later briefed the public that initial orders will be shipped out by May.

Though the company promised the initial order delivery to start on May, the date was extended due to the capacity of the overwhelming order. So, the new delivery date will be on April.

Contrary to the above piece of information, one of Huawei’s spokesperson said the shipment of the Cyrus SF5 smart car will commence in May and this will be done in batches. The spokesman also added that there will be increase in the production capacity to meet up with the demands of customers.

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