Huawei phones may support google services with Harmonyos

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Harmony OS

Huawei revealed at the Huawei Mate X2 folding screen smartphone launch conference that Harmony OS will be launched in April this year. This means that there will be a switch from android OS to Harmony OS for virtually all Huawei devices. According to the announcement made at the conference, the Huawei Mate X2 and the Huawei Mate 40 series models might get to receive the upgrade notification before any other model.

Huawei’s Harmony 2.0 system has begun public testing since April 28th. While others await their upgrade notification, many users have received Huawei’s notification to switch the system from Android to Harmony OS. However, those who have received the notification reacted differently; some users are skeptical and hesitating to carry out the upgrade because they are not certain on the changes that might occur if the switching to Harmony OS is done on their system. On the contrary, other users who had the guts to make the switch commended the fluency of Harmony OS and said its daily use is still okay, while there were some other users who were pleased with the new OS saying it is smoother than the Android system.

It is well known that Google services are inseparable on Android, so the obvious question becomes, after switching to Huawei’s new O, what happens to the original system services? However, we got confirmation from a Weibo user who has installed Harmony OS on his Mate 40 Pro+ phone, and later found that Google services remains unaffected.  But we are yet to receive any information from Huawei explaining its compatibility with Google services.

  • Huawei phones may support google services with Harmonyos
  • Huawei phones may support google services with Harmonyos
  • Huawei phones may support google services with Harmonyos
  • Huawei phones may support google services with Harmonyos


Harmony OS Is Likely To Change The World

Huawei had previously explained the difference between Harmony OS and other Operating Systems. It is neither a replacement for Android OS nor a replica of iOS. Actually, the development of Harmony OS started 5 years ago, May 2016 to be precise. It was developed mainly to be an operating system for Internet of Everything.

One of the Weibo bloggers claimed the Huawei Mate 40 Pro 4G version is the first handset coming pre-installed with Harmony OS. It has recently passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and 3C certification. The corresponding documents from TENAA also showed presence of the system. Prior to this, we have heard the Huawei P50 will be the first to come with it. But the latter will hit the market later. So, it’s logical that another model will pioneer this transition.

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