Huawei HarmonyOS powered car to be announced on April 17

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Huawei’s first Car

Huawei plans to launch its first electric vehicle this week, a move that Could Challenge Tesla, xiaomi, and Apple.

A teaser posted by Huawei on weibo Confirms that their first electric vehicle will be announced on April 17. Although an official statement has not been offered by the Company, there have been rumours about this on the web from leakers.

The car which has been said could launch under Huawei brand however unlikely, was Co-developed By Arcfox. a Subsidiary owned by Chinese Car giant BAIC.

According to globaltimes, the Car which will be called Arcfox Alpha S HBT (Huawei Bluepark Together) is to come equipped with 96-line Huawei LIDAR’s. The car will also feature a Huawei Chip with a Computing Power of up to 352, 12 Cameras, 6 millimetre wave radar and 13 ultrasonic radars.

Although Huawei previous Made its intentions of not manufacturing a Car clear, it mentioned that it aims to help car companies build good cars.” This makes them more of a digital Component Supplier to car manufacturers.


That is to say, everything on this EV will be run on an upgraded version of Harmony OS.  An android based operating system developed by Huawei as an alternative to Google’s mobile operating system. The upgraded HarmonyOS gives users autonomous control over their cars through their Smartphones.

Hawaii’s first Car Offers level 3 autonomous driving and 5G Connectivity. Judging from the teaser, the car will be a Sedan and will be a luxurious Car working exclusively on electric Power.
It remains to be seen if Huawei’s automotive ambitions are aimed at more than the Chinese market, but given the sanctions the company has to deal with in the United States, there’s a chance an international launch of the car might not happen too soon.

The cooperation between Huawei and BAIC is not only at the level of autonomous driving. It also involves integrating smart cars with mobile phones, where Huawei has an advantage, Xiang Ligang, director-general of the Beijing-based Information Consumption Alliance, said to Global Times.

Full details, however, will be provided next week as part of the official unveiling of the car in China.

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