Google Pixels can now read your Heart and Respiration rates

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Mobile Vitals

Google’s Pixel phones now features a new useful skill called Mobile Vitals with the release of version 2.51.19 of the Google Fit app. According to techradar, supported models of the pixel phones will start getting new updates from the 8th of March. This update allows users to read their heart rate and respiration rate through the Google Fit app. 

Google previously announced this feature in February. However, according to Android Police, this feature has already started rolling out to eligible Pixel devices as confirmed by google. It is expected that it might take several days before all eligible phones get the update. 

Once the feature is enabled, your pixel will be able to measure your heart rate when you place your fingertip over the rear camera. This is done by analysing your skin colour changes. Google claims that the readings are accurate to within 2%. 

To get respiration readings, your head and torso must be positioned in view of the front selfie camera. The camera then monitor’s your chest movements to assess how many breaths you take per minute. Google claims that this reading is only accurate within one breath per minute.


Eligible devices for the Mobile Vitals update have not been announced by Google yet. However, TechRadar presumes that the update will roll out to those with a Pixel 3 through to Pixel 4 and Pixel 5. 

TechRadar further stated that the feature will not only be available to Pixel phones. After a while, Google plans to make the feature available for other Android devices. The final decision still boils down to individual device manufacturers to support them. 

How To Use Google’s Mobile Vitals Tracking Feature

If you are interested in tracking your heart and respiration rates, you are better off with a fitness tracker or a smartwatch. This is because they can constantly and automatically monitor your heart and respiration rates. But for those that check their heart and respiration rates occasionally, this feature will prove extremely useful. 

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