Galaxy Tab S8 launch may be delayed for Galaxy S22 launch

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Samsung Galaxy

It has been nearly two years since the Covide19 pandemic altered everyone’s lives. The pandemic has had an impact on how we work and interact. Despite adjustments made by Companies and vaccinations, outbreaks are still possible.

Recent news indicates that a new outbreak has occurred at a Samsung facility (Samsung Digital City) in Suwon, South Korea. According to LetsGoDigital, eleven employees working in the Samsung’s R5 tower tested positive for COVID19. This information was brought to LetsGoDigital’s attention by a YouTuber “Super Roader” and supposed former Samsung employee.

Samsung has taken Immediate action to cob the outbreak. According to Sammobile, Samsung usually shuts down their entire facility when an outbreak is detected. Leaving workers with no Choice but to work from home and only visit the site on rotation basis. However, Samsung has decided to take a different approach this time around.

TrustedReviews reported that the affected workers have been quarantined and only 30% of employees will be allow to work from the office. The remaining 70% will be required to work from home.

These measures implemented by the tech giant are expected to last six weeks, or the rest of the year.

It is believed that this outbreak Could lead to a delay in the production of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, though it is not expected to affect the Samsung  S22, said Techradar. This conclusion was reached based on previous tip that Suggested the launch of the Galaxy tab 8 alongside the Galaxy S22. With limited access to the shared test equipment for the rest of the year, Samsung would prioritize the launch of the Galaxy S22 over the Galaxy Tab S8.

Whether or not Samsung decides to delay the launch of the Galaxy Tab S8, we’re looking forward to seeing what the company has in store for its next flagship tablet line.

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