Fitbit to add Snore Detection feature to its Smartwatch Soon

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Fitbit Snore Detect

We should expect a new feature from Fitbit called ”Snore & Noise Detect” Very soon. The purpose of this feature is to detect snoring and noise through Fitbit devices. This will be beneficial to those who snore and their spouses, even to those whom snoring is a sign of a possible health condition.

The Verge quoted a report in 9to5Google, which decompiled the newest model of the Fitbit app in Google’s Play Store. A device that has Fitbit’s microphone and this new feature will be able to detect “ambient noise including one’s potential snoring,” after a person has fallen asleep.

Fitbit to add Snore Detection feature to its Smartwatch Soon

Though this feature sounds really cool, it will be power consuming Since it will be at work when users are asleep. Also, the fact that it will act as a sleep tracker for monitoring noise makes it quite creepy especially at night according to some opinions.

Based on 9to5 Google report, the ”Snore & Noise Detect” monitors “noise including snores from you or someone next to you.” Fitbit detects sounds even those louder than the baseline noise level then determines if the noise is a snore or not. The novel feature does this by analysing noise levels and identifying “snore specific” sounds.


Based on the design of the snore tracker, it is limited to detecting snoring alone. It can’t differentiate the actual person snoring from others, whether it is the Fitbit wearer or some other person. According to the release notes, the snore detection can be affected by white noise or other ambient sounds, so users are advised to keep such sounds away from the room. Since “this feature requires more frequent charging” as it drains battery, users are advised to keep the Fitbit at least 40 percent charged before they go to bed.

According to reports by The Verge, the release notes did not specify what to use the information for. But since snoring and causes of snoring negatively affect sleeping, the information gotten might find use somehow someday.

Currently, ”Snore & Noise Detect” is not available to all users.

Fitbit will also be introducing “sleep animals” as part of a separate upcoming feature, according to 9to5 Google. Though the “sleep animals” is still in its early stages of development so much information is not known about it.

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