Everything you need to know about Apple’s April 2021 Event

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Apple’s April 2021 Event

The long-awaited Apple 2021 event has finally come and gone on the 20th of April. The event was packed with a lot of amazing new designs and features in Apple’s product line. Some of the designs and upgrades unpacked in the event includes a new iPad Pro, a redesigned iMac, Apple Tv 4k, AirTag, Apple card, Apple Podcast and a new purple iPhone 12 line-up.

The event started with Apple announcing that its operations are Carbon neutral because all their Centres are running at a 100% renewable energy. They also stated that plans are being made to be 100% Carbon free in 2030 by making use of recycled materials for their products.

This is what Apple hopes to achieve in the nearest future. Now, coming back to what they have already achieved, let’s Kick-start this with Apple Card.

Apple Card

Everything you need to know about Apple's April 2021 Event

Apple unveiled What its Apple Card is all about in its April 2021 event. With the Apple card, Apple is out to reinvent the Credit card, thereby gifting their customers the chance at a better financial life. Apple’s plans for the Apple Card takes into Consideration two partners Sharing Same Credit Card unlike other Cards. With Apple Card, Credit scores are Split between both partners instead of the usual one partner benefiting while the other Suffers with a low or no Credit Score. This means Apple Card now allows for equality in Credit Score building between partners.

With a new feature Called the Apple Card family, any member of the family above Thirteen Can now make use of the card. The feature also allows you to place optional Spending limits for kids So as to control their spending.

Apple Podcast

Everything you need to know about Apple's April 2021 Event

Another Change announced at Apple’s April 2021 event is Apple’s redesigned podcast app. Apple podcast now has a new app design with every Show having its own personalised page for easy access. The new app also provides users with new podcast recommendations to explore.

One particularly important change is that Apple has introduced Podcast subscriptions which enables you to unlock latest content as well as be the first person to access a new podcast and experience ads free listing. The new Podcast lets you achieve all these while helping content providers bring you more amazing contents at the same time.

The new Apple Podcast Subscription launches in May. The subscription service will be available in over a 170 regions and Countries around the world.

iPhone 12 purple

Everything you need to know about Apple's April 2021 Event

The iPhone 12 Since its launch has been on the top charts in the mobile industry. The phone comes in Five rich colours and has received yet another Colour addition to its line-up, making a total of Six rich Colours. Apple introduced a new iPhone 12 purple line to join its iPhone 12 line-up during its April 2021 event. The new purple Colour looks stunning and eye catching and starting from the 30th of April will be made available for purchase.


Everything you need to know about Apple's April 2021 Event

Apple’s Find My app has been a helpful app for finding lost Apple products over the years. However, Apple at its April 2021 event announced the long rumoured AirTag. The AirTag was introduced by Apple to help users find their non-Apple Products as well. AirTag makes use of the Find My app to find your non-Apple items like your keys with ease. Like the name Suggest, all you have to do is tag the item you want to know its location by attaching the AirTag to the item and you are good to go.

The AirTag also has a built-in Speaker to play Sounds through for ease of locating your lost item. According to Apple, the precision finding technology is only Compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The tags will be sold at a starting price of $29 and for $99 you can get a pack of four. The tags will be available on April 30th, but Pre-orders have already started.


Apple Tv 4k

Everything you need to know about Apple's April 2021 Event

In Apple’s words, “The new Apple TV 4K brings the best of TV together with your favourite Apple devices and services — in a powerful experience that will transform your living room.” Many are sure to agree with this statement in its entirety based on their experience with the previous Apple TV 4k.

Apple Tv 4k is great because of the deep integration of Apple hardware, Software and services. Services such as morning workouts with apple fitness plus, showing off school projects using AirPlay from your MacBook to your Tv and battling on Apple arcade as well as watching late night movies using AirPods.

The new Apple TV 4k is now built with the A12 bionic chip and supports Dolby vision to bring more realistic colours and greater details to viewers. With the new A12 bionic chip the new Apple TV Can now play HDR and high frame rates which enables videos play very Smoothly and appear more lifelike than ever before which is particularly good for fast moving Videos like sports. The HDR and high Frame rate feature has also been integrated with AirPlay to help iPhone 12 pro Users watch video recordings on their 60Hz refresh rate devices on a device (Apple Tv 4k) with better and Smoother display using Airplay.

With the new Colour balance feature, Apple Tv 4k works better with iPhones and its Sensors to improve TV picture quality. For better picture quality, iPhone uses its camera and proximity sensor to guide you to an on-screen target and uses your phones light Sensor to Compare your TVs Colour balance to the industry standard Specifications used by Cinematographers worldwide. Apple Tv makes use of this data to automatically adjust its video output to Correct any inaccuracies in your Tv settings.

Siri Controller

Apple Tv 4k makes use of a Siri controller for navigation. For the new Apple TV 4K, the remote has been redesigned with new functionality and Controls starting with an aluminium design. The controller now comes with a brand new Clickpad design for accuracy. The Clickpad is now touch enabled allowing for easy and faster directional Swipe. The Outer ring has been given a Circular gesture that turns it into a jaw Control for easily finding movie scenes.

This new controller is designed to be the only Controller you will ever need to Control all your apple TVs. In the new design, the Siri button has been moved to the right side of the remote just like your iPhone, giving it a better look and good user experience.

Price and Availability

The new Apple Tv 4k is expected to be available at a Starting price of $179 and $199 for the 32GB and 64GB, respectively. You Can start placing your orders on April 30th, but the TV will be made available in the second half of May. READ FULL ARTICLE


Everything you need to know about Apple's April 2021 Event

The M1 chip has so far been one of Apple’s greatest decision and development bring breakthrough performance and power efficiency. So far, the chip has only been used on the MacBook Air, Pro and Mac Mini. However, Apple at its April 2021 event announced the addition of a new Mac line that has been built from the ground up to perform beyond expectations using the M1 chipset. This set of Mac Comes in 7 different rich and bold Colours.

The all-new redesigned iMac is more personal, more Capable and Powerful than ever. The redesigned iMac now Comes in multiple cool Colours giving you the option of choosing the one that fits your style. The new iMac has a simple design with glass from top to button at the front and according to Apple, “the back is designed to celebrate Colour”. The iMac is redesigned in such a way that the back is the first thing you see, making the richly bold colours of the iMac standout in your apartment.

What Makes The New iMac Better?

Older iMacs packed a larger logic board and thermals because of its power-hungry processor. Also, the GPU, CPU, RAM and other Components were all separate Chips in the system. But with the architecture of the M1 Chip, these components can be scaled down and placed on a much smaller logic board, thereby influencing the Size of the thermals. With the help of the M1 Chipset, the bulky thermal System in the old iMac has now been replaced with two smaller fans in the new iMac design. Thereby keeping the system slim and cool while running quietly.

The new iMac is 11.5mm thin and weighs less than 10 pounds (4.53kg). It also features 24-inches display with about 11.3 million pixels on a 4480×2520 resolution and has a 4.5k retina display, giving users a better display experience than ever.

For the first time ever, the iMac spots a 1080p FaceTime HD Camera which doubles the resolution for higher quality Videos and also performs great under low lighting during video calls. The 1080p camera is paired with M1 which Comes equipped with Apple’s latest image signal processor (ISP) further enhancing the image quality with Computational video.

Complementing the Camera for a better video call experience is a studio-quality three-mic array. The mics are engineered to reduce feedback from other systems to reduce interruptions. Beamforming technology helps to reduce background noises, focusing more on your Voice. Apple tagged this Mic as the “best mic ever in a Mac.”

The 2021 iMac features six speakers with amazing sound quality. To achieve this sound quality, the redesigned iMac speakers were boosted with more power and two pairs of force-Cancelling woofers for a better and accurate sound performance.


The new iMac packs up to 4 USB-C Ports, two of which are Thunderbolt ports for faster data transfer with Support for up to 6k display. It also comes with a new power Connector which easily attaches itself magnetically to the charging port. The 2m long connector is Connected to an adaptor that serves as a charging and Ethernet Capable Connector brick. Is this cool or what?

keyboard, Mouse, and trackpad

Taking a look at the new iMac keyboard, Mouse, and trackpad options. The keyboard has three types you can choose from, colour matched to fit the iMac of your choosing. The first is a magic keyboard with new emoji, spotlight, dictation and a “Do not Disturb key”. it also has a lock key that instantly locks your iMac with a Click of the button. The second is a magic keyboard with Touch ID which is the first ever on an iMac system. The third is a magic keyboard that features Touch ID and numeric keypad as well.

The new iMac mouse now comes in colour matched aluminium design while the mouse trackpad (Magic Trackpad) has a refined Shape to match that of the keyboard.

Price and availability

Pricewise, the iMac with 8-Core CPU, 7- Core GPU, 8GB Unified memory and 256GB SSD will be sold at a starting price of $1299. Just like the iPhone 12 purple line-up, orders for the iMac starts on the 30th of April and will be available in the second half of May. READ FULL ARTICLE


iPad Pro

Everything you need to know about Apple's April 2021 Event

Apple also launched a new iPad Pro at its April 2021 event. The iPad Pro comes with an 11-lnch display in a one-pound portable design and a 12.9-inches display, on a 6.4 mm thin body that weighs 1.5 pounds.

For an awfully long time, the iPad Pro has made use of the turbo charged Version of Apple’s A series chips to deliver powerful experience for users. As an upgrade, the new iPad Pro now features the M1 Chipset in place of the A series Chip. The M1 chip takes the performance of the iPad Pro to an entirely new level, giving it a good jump in performance to run powerful apps. Given that the M1 chip shares similar architecture with the A series, iPad OS is already built to take full advantage of the M1 technology.

The M1 offers a fast 8-Core CPU which is 50% faster than the previous iPad Pro and an 8-Core GPU that delivers up to 40% faster graphics performance than the previous iPad Pro.
The new iPad Pro features a liquid Retina display which Apple claims to be the most advanced mobile display in the world. The liquid display delivers up to 4 million pixels on the 11-inch iPad Pro. while on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro design, the display delivers up to 5.6 million pixels for those in need of a bigger displays.


Camera wise, the new iPad Pro comes with an advanced Camera setup. The lidar Scanners help in motion tracking giving your cleaner shots and videos while focusing on you. Because of the ISP in the M1 Chipset, there is smart HDR 3 where the ISP and neural engine work together to adjust Colour Contrast and noise in photos. In low light, the ISP and lidar Scanner Can easily Capture pictures with almost no light at the time of the shot.

On the front there is a Truedepth Camera. The Camera is used to unlock the iPad using face ID. For better Call experience, Apple went further to include an ultra-wide camera alongside the TrueDepth Camera. The new iPad Pro features a 12MP ultra-wide Camera with a 122-degree Field of view perfect for FaceTime.

Center Stage

This new camera supports a new and amazing feature called “Center Stage.” The Center Stage feature makes use of the new ultra-wide Camera on the iPad Pro to recognise and keep you centered on the Screen during a video call. The feature automatically moves the Camera to fit you at the center of the Screen while you move around. The camera also adjusts automatically to Fit in a second person in the video call.


The iPad Pro connectivity is also fast. The USB-C Port already Support fast data transfer and now, Apple has introduced the Thunderbolt with USB-C support on the 2021 iPad Pro, making it the fastest on an iPad.

Due to the importance of ultra-fast wireless Connectivity, Apple has added 5G connectivity to the new iPad Pro. The 5G connectivity also supports mm Wave (high frequency version of 5G) in the US., giving up to 4 Gbps Speed under ideal Conditions.

Price and Availability

The iPad Pro 11-inch has a starting price of $799, while the 12.9-inch with its Pro display XDR sells at a starting price of $1099. Orders can be placed on the 30th of April, but the device will be available during the second half of May. READ FULL ARTICLE

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