Cool iPhone 13 Concept Shows Off Companion VR Headset

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iPhone 13 Concept and VR headset

It is expected that the iPhone 13 won’t arrive until the fall. Also, the rumoured Apple VR and mixed reality headset might not be launched until 2022. However, this doesn’t prevent adventurous and creative designers from envisioning the compatibility and workability of these two Apple products.

Stunning design from ConceptsiPhone raised our expectations and gave an idea of what to expect from the headset. The design also gives us the appearance and feel of the new headset which looks totally amazing and spectacular.  

According to the ConceptsiPhone design, the headset will have a rounded, lightweight design with and attractive-looking finish. This design affords the best comfort users can get while using their iPhone.

From this concept video, the head strap on the Apple headset looks quite versatile. The head strap is designed such that its soft padded interior can give a firm but yet tender grip on the face of the users. Compared to most VR headsets currently on the market, this theoretical Apple version appears nice.


As for the phone in the video — dubbed the iPhone 13 VR by ConceptsiPhone, one notable exception differentiates it from the current iPhone design. The difference is the arrangement of the rear camera which occupies the upper third of the phone. Aside the multiple rear lenses and sensors, it features a secondary screen. Presumably designed mainly for notifications as well as an augmented AR viewfinder for taking photos.

Nothing like this has been rumored for the iPhone 13, so we’ll assume this is a design ConceptsiPhone envisions for future Apple handsets.

It is rumoured that the Apple VR and mixed reality headset might be launched mid-2022. Probably two iPhone might be released in the future before the launch of this headset accessory.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will largely focus on virtual reality, but rumours suggest it will be designed like a mixed reality moniker which makes use of augmented reality; its optical see-through feature makes this possible. Unlike normal VR headsets where you need to insert your phone into the headset; this headset will complement the iPhone with external cameras and sensors.

Rumour suggests that Apple’s mixed reality headset will be released before Apple Glasses, the AR-powered eyewear supposedly in the works at Apple.

Source: tomsguide

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