Chipset Upgrade For New iPad Pro Spotted In iOS 14.5 Beta

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Recent findings reveal a hidden code within the iOS14.5 beta that suggests the next iPad Pro may come with a new Apple chipset.

The chipset is said to be based on an existing Apple M1 chip used in the latest MacBook according to 9to5Mac. This new chipset is referred to as the A14X. If this information is accurate, it is expected that the next generation of iPad Pro may be reasonably more Powerful and energy-efficient than its predecessors equipped with the A12Z Bionic. 

This corroborates a recent report by Bloomberg that the next-generation iPad Pro will be equipped with an updated processor that is on equal footing as the faster M1 chip. 

The beta refers to a GPU from a chip called ‘13G’, which is suspected to be the A14X. Since this isn’t being used to power any iOS device currently on the market, it seems likely that this new chipset is a variant of the A14 Bionic used by the iPhone 12 series and iPad Air 4 (2020). 

Seeing as the A12Z Bionic chip upgrade over the A12 Bionic aside the extra GPU core is not impressive when compared. Therefore, it seems reasonable enough to expect something better in the next gen iPad Pro. Maybe something that puts it on a better footing as the latest MacBook Air.


What The future Holds for iPad Pro 

More powerful internals aren’t the only upgrades suspected to arrive with the next iPad Pro, though. It is expected to arrive with some external upgrades as well. 

We’ve also reported on rumors suggesting that the largest variant of the new device will feature a Mini-LED display. The Mini-LED display could bring about an improved contrast ratios and color reproduction. Coupled with an improved chipset and upgraded externals, this could make the iPad Pro a suitable tool for professionals working with demanding software. 

There is a good chance that the new iPad Pros may support both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G signals too. Meaning users may get to enjoy the same super-fast network speeds as afforded by the iPhone 12 range. 

A new camera and Thunderbolt port count among other improvements, which collectively suggest the next iPad Pro could mark a dramatic improvement over its already-capable predecessor.  

Exact details are hazy on what these improvements might be, but we’ll keep you updated on all the latest rumors surrounding the new iPad Pro. 

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