Casio Launches Its First WearOS G-Shock Smartwatch Lineup

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Casio Wear OS smartwatch

The GSW-H1000 is the latest Wear OS smartwatch Casio will add to its long-running G-Shock lineup. Casio recently made this known to the general public through their website. This watch will be water resistance up to a depth of 200 meters, it will also be a shock resistant watch. The watch will be available in three different colours; red, blue, and black. According to Casio, the GSW-H1000 is a fitness-focused wearable, that can be used for different fitness exercises ranging from surfing to snowboarding.

Several devices have been released by the watchmaker using Google’s smartwatch OS particularly in 2016 when it released the Android Wear-powered Casio Smart Outdoor Watch. The G-Shock lineup dates back to the 1980s, though this is the first time Google’s software is used on a G-Shock watch, the watches are famous for being one of the hardest-wearing around.

Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000 Specs

The GSW-H1000 has a dual-layer display consisting of one monochrome and one colour panel.

Being a fitness-focused smartwatch, the GSW-H1000 comes along with the many expected features of a fitness-focused wearable. It features an optical heart rate sensor, altitude sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer and  an inbuilt compass. Its software has an inbuilt software which supports 15 activities, 24 indoor workout options, and also supports GPS. Wear OS means there’s Google Assistant and Google Fit support, and you can download apps from Google Play. The watch works with Google Fit but can also be used with Casio’s “G-SHOCK MOVE” app for additional workout and tracking options.


The hardware specifications of the GSW-H1000 includes; 1.2-inch 360 x 360 dual-layer display consisting of a monochrome always-on LCD display with a colour LCD panel.  The monochrome display allows the watch to switch off the power-hungry main display to save on battery life. According to Casio, it takes about three hours for its battery to fully charge. Its battery life last for about one and a half days if the colour display is used. It will last up to a month if it is used for only timekeeping and sensors.

Rumours of an extreme sport-focused Apple Watch suggests that Casio and other rugged smartwatch manufacturers could be up for a lot more competition soon. Based on the properties of the GSW-H1000, we think it is a good product that is worthy of the challenge.

  • Casio Launches Its First WearOS G-Shock Smartwatch Lineup
  • Casio Launches Its First WearOS G-Shock Smartwatch Lineup
  • Casio Launches Its First WearOS G-Shock Smartwatch Lineup

Casio Wear OS Smartwatch Price And Availability

The GSW-H1000 will be available sometime in May across the US and UK, though it’s yet to appear on the US G-Shock website, it will come with a retail price of $699 in the US or £599 in the UK.

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