Apple’s new in-ear Beats studio wireless earbuds revealed

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Beats studio earbuds

Apple have released iOS 14.6 RC for developers. This is the preliminary step for the company launching Apple Music Lossless. At the same time, 9to5Mac uncovered a yet to be released new wireless in-ear earbuds that has not even gotten to the ears of the general public. This unannounced device is called “Beats Studio earbuds” at the moment.

This discovery follows after 9to5Mac exclusively reported last week that Scott Croyle was employed by Apple to supervise Beats product design.

The internal iOS 14.6 files shows that Apple is working on a new earbuds. This project is carried out under the Beats brand called “Beats Studio Buds”. Beats Studio wireless earbuds are similar to AirPods, they are completely wireless earphones and comes with a smart charging case.


To get the instant pairing and the “Hey, Siri” features, Beats Studio Buds will also be equipped with an Apple chip. Our findings revealed that Beats’ new earbuds will be much more compact than the current Powerbeats Pro. 9to5Mac said code related to the earbuds suggests they’ll pack noise cancellation, a feature noticeably missing from all existing Beats earbuds. These upcoming device might come in three colour options; red, white and black colour options. There’s no word on any extra features that the Studio Buds might have, such as transparency modes.

Though internal files found by 9to5Mac on iOS 14.6 RC reference the name of the yet to be released earbuds as “Beats Studio Buds”, it is not certain if this will be the device’s official name once they become available.

It is expected that iOS 14.6 will be released sometime later this month or early June and Apple Music Lossless will follow. There’s no official word form Apple on a potential release date of the Beats Studio wireless earbuds. Given the leaks, we could be seeing an announcement of these Studio Buds sometime in the near future probably in June.

There are also rumours that Apple is also working on a third-generation AirPods. However. the iOS release did not talk about this.

Let us know what your thoughts are about Apple’s Beat Studio Buds project.

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