Apple Watch Likely to Come with New Monitoring features

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Apple Watch

It was recently revealed by one of Apple’s business partners that the next Apple Watch may be designed such that it can measure blood pressure, blood glucose, blood alcohol levels, among other things.  

As per an SEC filing reported by The Telegraph, Apple is most likely to add a glucometer in its future Apple Watch for users to measure blood sugar levels which will be helpful for people with diabetes. Statistics from The Telegraph revealed that Apple has been the largest customer of Rockley Photonics, a British electronics start-up for a long time. 

Rockley Photonics developed a technology that has non-invasive optical sensors that can be used for detecting multiple blood-related health data which includes blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood alcohol levels. 

All the mentioned health data are normally measured with invasive dedicated medical equipment which requires the use of test strips and blood each time.  

This info comes to light just after the Cupertino tech giant, back in February, filed for a patent regarding the inclusion of a blood sugar monitor in an Apple Watch. For this watch to detect the health data, the Rockley’s sensors located at the back of your Apple watch beam infrared light through a user’s skin.


Rockley recently revealed that Apple is its biggest client. This was back up with some documents from Rockley revealing that for the last two years, Apple has been a major investor. It also revealed that they are currently on a “supply and development agreement” with Apple, under which they expect Apple to continue to contribute to most of their revenue. 

It is expected that the health sensor technology by Rockley will come anytime soon because of the company’s fast growth and strong partnership with Apple.  

The company has offices in San Jose and facilities in Oxford, Cardiff, Cork, and Helsinki. We should expect consumer smartwatches and other electronics to be equipped with Rockley as soon as next year. This might probably be at the same time when Apple Watch Series 8 models will be launched, so we should expect the next-generation sensors in this smartwatch series. 

Until now, rumours had indicated that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 would be able to monitor blood glucose. But on the contrary, Rockley’s comments suggest that this might not be possible till 2022. All hopes should not be lost as there is still a possibility that Apple Watch Series 7 could still come with blood glucose monitoring this year. This will be accompanied by Rockley’s technology in the device next year with the ability to detect blood pressure and blood alcohol monitoring.

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