Apple To Start using Under-display Face ID in 2023 iPhones

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Under-display Face ID

Based on information provided by MacRumors, Apple plans to include an under-display Face ID System starting with its 2023 iPhones. This means that Apple will be removing the need to house the facial recognition system in a notch. This news was uncovered by MacRumors analyst Ming-chi kuo.

Kuo uncovered this by intercepting an investor’s note. In the note he found out that the under-display Face ID System will debut at the same time with a new periscope telephoto lens in 2023. This news supports his earlier prediction of Apple Starting to abandon the notch in iPhones from 2022.

The notch has been used by Apple to house the TrueDepth Camera System for face lD since its introduction on iPhone X. There are rumours Speculating that Apple is planning to use a smaller notch on 2021 phones. However, if Apple is able to house the Face lD System under the display, it will mark the end of a notch on iPhones.


Based on a statement previously made by kuo, at least one high-end i Phone model will feature under-display fingerprint scanner with no notch and a real full-screen display in 2023. However, Kuo has not clarified whether the tech giant will feature both the under-display Touch ID and face ID on one iPhone or whether under-display Face ID will remain exclusive to the higher-end iPhones.

Apple has widely been rumored to adopt an under-display fingerprint scanner, even possibly for the iPhone 13. However, this is the first time we’ve heard of a possible under-display Face ID system. From a technological standpoint, achieving an under-display facial recognition system requires more advanced tooling, given that the TrueDepth camera system must be able to read and recognize faces through the pixels of the display without distorting or interfering with the content.

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