Apple Sued for Selling MacBooks with defective displays

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MacBooks defective displays

Apple’s plan for the redesign of the MacBook Pro in 2016 was a good idea at the time. However, the Company did not know that this change will Come back to bite them in the ass Someday.

Well, it’s been a few years since the release and apple is now faced with a lawsuit. This time about the defective display flex Present in the 2016 MacBook Pro redesigned laptops.

According to reports by hindustantimes, Apple MacBook Owners who bought their devices in 2016 and 2017 started experiencing what is now termed as the “Stage lighting” effect on their laptops in 2019. An issue that rendered the Screen of the laptops useless because of the dark spots Created by the damaged flex.

Hindustantimes further explained that the Problem was caused by the weak and fragile flex Cables used on the MacBooks. The flex were easily Susceptible by wear and tear just by opening and closing the Lid of the laptop they said.

Judge Edward Davila Ruling

Judge Edward Davila after two years have decided to let the “flexgate” Lawsuit go forward. He ruled that Apple should have known about this problem during its pre-release testing and yet, they kept selling them.

According to Law360, the judge wrote, “The court finds that the allegations of pre-release testing in combination with the allegations of substantial customer complaints are sufficient to show that Apple had exclusive knowledge of the alleged defect,”. You can read the full order at the bottom of this post.

Part of the ‘flexgate’ Controversy dates back to how Apple addressed the issue When it first got publicity in late 2018. Apple Silently swapped the in a new Slightly longer Cable into newer MacBooks and only opened up one free repair program months after 15,000 signed a petition against them.


The Claims of the plaintiff

The plaintiff, Mahan Taleshpour representing the large group of Consumers according to hindustantimes said that Apple Continues to deny that there was ever a defect in the display Cables.

He also Said that “Apple deliberately deleted comments and threads from its Apple Support Community Forum, which often serves as a go-to place for crowdsourcing information on potential issues with Apple devices”. In hopes of Covering up any evidence of the ‘flexgate’.

Judge Davila agrees with this accusation and says it will “act as further proof that Apple was aware of the issue”.

The flexgate lawsuit at the moment does not appear to be a Certified class-action lawsuit yet as reported by theverge. There are now nine different plaintiffs lined up in this single case, and the judge is inviting them to submit a new amended complaint.

2021 has been a bad year for Apple whom are Currently facing a lot of lawsuits. After being Sued for not including chargers with the iPhone 12 in brazil and incurring a fine of $308.5 million for infringement of DRM Patent they are slammed with yet another case.

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