Apple launches find my certification app for third-party Firms

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Find My Certification app

On the 6th of April, Apple launched a new app that allows third-party companies test the compatibility of their accessories with the Find My application app. This new app is called “Find My Certification Asst” surfaced for the first time after the company revealed that it would soon open up the Find My network to third-party products at WWDC 2020.

The new app hit the App Store on Sunday, April 4th, though it is yet to be extended to App Store categories or charts. TechCrunch was the first to report the launch of the app on App Store. The app’s description, says that companies looking to integrate with the Find My network will require this new app to effectively do so.

Use the Find My Certification Assistant to test discovery, connection, and other key requirements for accessories you develop that incorporate Find My network technology. For more information about Find My network certification, visit the MFi Portal at


What the Find My Certification Assistant application Means for third party manufacturers

Belkin’s “SoundForm Freedom” AirPods competitors and some other companies announced that some of their products will be able to support the Find My network. This implies that headphones, airpods and other Apple products can be tracked inside the Find My app. Some manufacturers also have unveiled products with support for the upcoming feature.

Introducing a new program that will let customers locate your products using the power of the vast Find My network. With hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world, advanced end-to-end encryption, and industry-leading security, users can locate their items within the Find My app with the peace of mind that their privacy is protected.

From the launch of the Find My Certification Assistant application, we suspect that Apple is about to grant third-party accessories access to integrate with the Find My application. This comes as the iOS 14.5 beta continues to enable new features in the Find My app, including the new “Items” tab.

Though Apple’s own AirTag item trackers are unavailable at the moment, rumours have suggested they could be released sometime this spring.

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