Apple Is Reportedly Making A Magnetic iPhone Battery Pack

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iPhone Battery Pack

MagSafe has been useful for wallets and charging stations on the iPhone 12 series. Reports suggest that Apple is apparently ready to extend the functionality in a different direction. 

Bloomberg reports claims that Apple is developing a MagSafe battery pack that would wirelessly charge your iPhone 12. This will be done attaching the battery pack magnetically to the rear panel. 

Unlike previous Apple battery packs, this will not necessarily be a case as well. Though not elegant, it is helpful for those who have a preferred case and only need a boost occasionally. 

Apple has refused to comment on the topic, but developer Steve Moser noticed the iOS 14.5 beta temporarily referenced a battery pack.

According to Sam Kohl on his reply to Steve Moser tweet, the magnetic iPhone battery pack could probably look like this.


Will The Magnetic iPhone Battery Pack Be A Reality?

According to pocketnow;

“In internal testing, the magnetic attachment system has proved strong enough for the charging unit to stay in place, but the accessory’s development has been slowed by software issues such as the iPhone erroneously indicating that the pack is overheating,” 

Based on this information, it is too early to say whether Apple will go through with it or not. Issues like this are common in hardware development. However, let’s hope that they are not enough to cause Apple to delay or cancel the project. 

There is definitely enough motivation to keep working on this project. The pack could be a game changer for Apple’s MagSafe, driving big sales for the iPhone 12 and its accessories. It would certainly be helpful to wirelessly charge your phone while it is still in your pocket.  

However, this all boils down to how practical this project could be. A big problem would be selling this device if it charges too slow or has too much put in it to get a premium design. 

No matter how convenient the MagSafe battery pack is, using too much to make it a reality will definitely lead to high sales cost which may be a turn off to many. 

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